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    So i have a lumia 920 since Jan. Earlier i had e 72 and nokia express music 5800. As a matter of fact, i had plethora of pictures taken already and wanted them on my new phone. I used explorer to add them , then delete them and then add them again due to some problem. This has now led to duplicate pictures in my gallery ( the ones i copied only are duplicated) Duplicate pictures - Imgur

    Today i thought why not see if those are hidden using explorer , but there were no hidden files and no duplications.
    Then i used win 8 windows phone app , and there i could see duplications , so i deleted one pic from it , and i realized that it went away from my phone and showed only one. Seemed like problem was solved , until i tried using creative studio / avira app which said that it is deleted / app crashed. This means that wp was somehow mirroring those images , but both were from source. Emailing those images gave same name of image too. And also this duplication can be seen only on wp and wp app of win 8.

    I spent some more time to inspect which of the two is actually the mirror , so i deleted first pic in one case and second for some other. Both resulted in app crash on trying to edit resultant pic. So basically these images are now staying in hard disk , but cant be edited.

    I can do hard reset but i have 2.5k images ie about 4gb. If i again copy paste these images , this problem can infect the pics clicked from Lumia 920. Is there a backup software which does this safely ? Anything via Bluetooth ,coz i fear usb disconnecting in middle and leading to junk.

    Or should i manually delete all these images and then try to add them again ?
    07-24-2013 04:11 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    07-25-2013 12:50 AM

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