1. Garion Brown's Avatar
    Hello, this is my first post to the forums so hello everybody! Anyway, just picked up my 1020 (920 user) and I have noticed one bug which I haven't seen anyone else report. Can any of you validate whether you have been able to successfully SHARE TO FACEBOOK from within the Nokia Pro Cam application? When I am selecting a photo within the app, I am seemingly able to share; ie it says it sent, however when checking I can see that the photos all remain in my uploads section with "failed to upload". Obviously sharing the photo via Facebook app or any other app seems to work just fine but not from the PRO CAM app. I have the latest version of PRO CAM. Let me know, thanks!


    P.S. The camera on this phone rivals my Canon SLR....unbelievable!!!!!!!!
    07-28-2013 11:59 AM
  2. Garion Brown's Avatar
    Disregard this issue, it is a NON-ISSUE. I didn't realize that my facebook password was not entered in the MS app after provisioning from restore. All good now, sorry!
    07-28-2013 12:26 PM

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