1. jabtano's Avatar
    I have three car chargers not one of them will work with the L925 is anyone else having this issues? I have no problem charging from home just from the car/.truck
    07-30-2013 12:23 PM
  2. 1Sick1500's Avatar
    I tried a few of my other chargers i had laying around and noticed that my Samsung GS3 or HTC Evo charger will not charge the Nokia. I think it must charge at a higher MAH rating than i have. I have yet to dig into it because i have a wireless charging shell on order but my battery last all day. 7am to 10pm at night and i still have 35% on average. I stream pandora 2 hours a day and atleast 1/2 of youtube at lunch. This phone blows my Iphone 5 out of the water on battery life...
    jabtano likes this.
    07-30-2013 12:31 PM

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