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    So, I'm at South Korea right now, for the summer. Although in Korean, it doesn't mean I am a fanboy of Samsung, just to clear that out (my phone is a Lumia 822).

    So, I'll start by reporting that there *are* ATIV ads here. Hold on a minute. I never said there were many. In fact, the ratio of ads Galaxy to Ativ is about 15:1. But there are some.

    The first sets of ads from Samsung about this brand shows "Samsung Ativ" and shows their line of laptops, tablets, and more Windows 8-powered devices. These ads I usually saw on buses.

    The second ad with Ativ was on a billboard saying only words "Samsung Ativ Book". I have absolutely no idea what this is, and I don't think this Book thing was publicly announced (wait was it?).

    So, either way, Samsung ain't doing a good job promoting their Ativ line of products. They're so rare! Also, it's a shame Samsung isn't promoting their WP line. I wonder why... :(

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    I just discovered about the Ativ Book today few hours before your post, actually Samsung is showering the market with devices to the point that it is difficult to catch up!

    Though, no surprise they don't have much ads about WP handsets, they focus on Android because they are already a winner there. But in case of WP, they have to struggle and climb all the way up to compete with Nokia! They have already been through a similar competition with Apple, so I don't think they want to experience the same thing again with Nokia.

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    It appears that Samsung is opting to keep it on the respective region sites. However I'm unable to find the Ativ Q now on their sites.

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