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    I just came from a Lumia 900. I was always content, but lately I was thinking about getting a WP8, almost giving into the Lumia 520 on AT&T. Since it was my birthday last week as well, it was even more enticing to treat myself to a little present, was choosing between a new WP8 or a Win8 tablet.

    Well... luck has it, I figured I was going to switch to T-Mobile in the future, so I requested an unlock code for the time being and try it out and see how reception was using my cousin's T-Mobile sim. I got the unlock code within 12 hours of requesting it from ATT. This is where things start to fall apart, or is it in place? I enter the code, and it doesn't work. I read on multiple forums the way to unlock the device is to use up the 10 chances you are giving then enter it again when it requests the PUK and it should unlock. Didn't work. I tried the 10 tries and as expected it was rejected each time, I try it the 11th time (1/32 tries for PUK), and it doesn't work I give it one more try to make sure I entered it correctly, and I did, and still no dice. So, I'm like, "ok I'm over trying to get this unlocked, lets just get my phone working the way it was before." I go online and see what I can do, find out I can get the PUK from my OAM. I get the code, enter it, and no luck... I try again to make sure I didn't mess up putting it in, still no luck. Phone is locked up for a PUK. I call ATT support, they tell me to try the same code even though I told them I tried, and I tried it again to just see maybe I entered it wrong the 2nd time, and that didn't work. They give me another code (I think it's the PUK2 pin), and that doesn't work after multiple attempts either. They advise me to go to an ATT Corporate store to try another sim. Get there, give them the device (I also look at the 1020, that thing is marvelous, but I really don't like the camera hump, I'd rather they did a taper to the body, but I guess to shave thickness and weight they didn't but man being able to reframe photos is amazing, macro shots can be made from nonmacro, haha), they put a new sim in, and nothing works. I get the phone back, they don't know what's wrong, they tell me to call ATT again and tell them everything that's happened, and to add to that my Lumia 900 is giving me an error saying "sim invalid or missing" instead of "Enter PUK..." WTF

    I call ATT, kinda angry, but kept a cool head as I talked to them. I told them I felt that the employee at the corp store disabled my device or possible damaged the sim port (they treated my baby like crap, got a few scratches on the back, not to mention when they ejected the sim, they didn't shut the phone down first (I know from seeing others that this is usually safe but to be on the safe side I always shut down)), and we went through the troubleshooting, trying to get the SIM working again and what not, but nothing. Their offer? Early upgrade, renew contract another 2 years, and get any phone I want except the S4 and iPhone5 (felt kinda crappy not hearing the 920 or even the 1020 on that list!). I told them, "it wasn't my fault, you guys messed it up, I followed your directions to the 'T,' no contract extension and at least sell me a phone at upgrade price." They somewhat agreed, and I told them I'll take a Lumia 1020 (for some reason I thought it was 99$, so I changed my mind and was going to offer the 920 while they went to go confirm with their manager). They said can't do the Lumia 1020, but they can offer me a 920 for 150$, no contract extension. I told them, I'm ok with the Lumia 920, but 100$ no contract extension. Of course they go back talk to manager, they come back, and try to sell me a free refurbished Lumia 900 at no charge. I thought, this is my chance, I pushed for the 920 one more time, and they gave it to me, 100$+tax, no shipping charges (overnight), no activation fee. Troubles didn't end there though. We tried for about 1.5 hours to push the order through, and for some reason ATT's systems were against us that night. They offered to call back the next day... of course that never happened. I call back around the time I asked for call back, and luckily, the tech support made super detailed notes (really awesome guy really) and the new person was able to see what happened. We tried and they got the same error... ARGH. She tried one more idea, asked if she could try a different computer, but would require us to disconnect. I wasn't comfortable with it, but I went with it. She calls back, and the order went through! I get the confirmation email a few hours later, 100$ FLAT (no tax!), 2-night shipping (oh well I take what I can get), no activation fee. I was really expecting crappy service. Instead I got above average, almost great service. The people I dealt with were some of the best ATT has IMO, but the troubles they had to go through with all the problems just putting the order in knocks though my rating for ATT overall.

    Epilogue. I got my awesome new Lumia 920, in Cyan. I always though using the Lumia 900 it was slick and smooth. Never had a problem with it, the resolution wasn't a problem either. Wow, was I wrong. If the 900 was slick and smooth, then the 920 is like super slick and ultra smooth. It feels great in hand, the cyan pops (had a black 900 before), the display rocks, the mirror finished capacitive buttons a nice touch, and the ceramic trim on the buttons and camera are god send (omg the chrome on the 900 was neat looking, but so scratch prone). The 900 had this crappy plastic lip around its display that can get dented easily, and it was another thing I hated about it, but got used to, but wow the glass of the 920 is just marvelous. I enjoy just looking at the thing and seeing the light reflected off the curves of it. Really. Great. Hardware. I applaud Nokia for this. WP8? It really is what WP7 should have been. I love being able to one hand type most of my sentences with "Word Flow" (surprised me how accurate it can be most of the time), love having access to newer apps. WP7 users are really missing out on all the new higher quality apps available for WP8, it just seems worlds different. The one bad thing is I don't have Dodonpachi Maximum anymore, probably my favorite WP game, such a shame it hasn't been updated.
    I can't say anything much more about the Lumia 920 and how it is now, it is just really awesome. I haven't had any issues discussed on the forum, and really just enjoy it. Oh the camera? That is ridiculously delicious to use. Taking photos on it vs the 900 is so different in terms of quality. Everything for me looks sharp, color looks accurate, and low light photos are a joy to see.

    Really awesome. Just wanted to share my thrill in the Nokia Lumia 920. Instead of plunking down 350-450$ for a Lumia 920, I got it for 100$ :D

    What of the Lumia 900? It's just a PDA right now. Still really great. I'm going to try reflashing it to see if that works, and also there seems to be another way to fix it that requires opening up the device. Crossing my fingers something works, I love the Lumia 900 still, it really is a nice device still.
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    08-03-2013 02:09 PM
  2. anon(5928073)'s Avatar
    That's the way to go! I as well am using a 920 on tmobile!
    08-03-2013 02:21 PM
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    What a rollercoaster ride, but it sounds like everything worked out in the end. Would love to see pics of the phone. Welcome to the WP8 fold!
    08-03-2013 02:33 PM
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    Uploaded a photo of my cyan Lumia 920. Love it. I just stuck a Lumia 900 screen protector on it until my order comes in from Amazon.

    Seems like apps are pretty aggressive, or I'm just able to monitor battery better with apps, but just running some apps (mainly some games) causes a drain of like 6-15%/hr, and if I don't touch it and just let it standby with wifi (default settings), Bluetooth on, it's about 2.5-3%/hr. So I think it's working correctly.
    08-04-2013 01:08 AM

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