1. wmonger's Avatar
    For the past two days I've been noticing this since I usually leave my phone on the wireless charger overnight.

    Yesterday I took my phone off of the charger at around 1pm, by 10:30pm I had used about 10%, I barely used the phone. When I just woke up the battery is completely drained, the phone wont even turn on. I turned the phone off/on before I went to sleep to make sure no apps were running.

    What on earth could be causing this crazy drain overnight?
    08-06-2013 07:23 AM
  2. Muessig's Avatar
    Hey wmonger, good to see you here at WPCentral. You say that you make sure no apps are running overnight but can you detail which apps are able to run as background tasks on your device and what other settings are on? For example - do you have Bluetooth, data, wifi, tap and send etc on overnight? Has this been an on-going issue or did it just start?
    08-06-2013 07:29 AM
  3. Microsoftjunkie's Avatar
    Just because you turned the phone off/on doesn't mean that no apps wasn't using background tasks.

    You need to look at which apps have permission to run in the background and start there.
    08-06-2013 07:31 AM
  4. wmonger's Avatar
    I didn't have wifi/Bluetooth on. I blocked all of my background apps except for: battery and chase mobile.
    08-06-2013 07:42 AM
  5. Muessig's Avatar
    Battery apps are can use more power to keep an eye on your battery, ironically. Try uninstalling or disabling the apps you mentioned and see if it stops your draining issue.
    08-06-2013 07:44 AM
  6. wmonger's Avatar
    Thanks guys- I will try removing the battery app. Is there a good battery monitor app that people use to have no issues with drain?
    08-06-2013 07:46 AM
  7. psiu_glen's Avatar
    I use Battery Sense which seems okay, I also use a Flashlight app that monitors battery level. I let Amazing Weather HD run in the background.
    08-06-2013 08:20 AM
  8. Funky Cricket's Avatar
    I don't have issues so I don't worry about my battery at all.
    08-06-2013 03:29 PM
  9. jleebiker's Avatar
    I usually leave my phone on the wireless charger overnight.

    When I just woke up the battery is completely drained, the phone wont even turn on.
    If your phone is on the wireless charger overnight, how can it be dead? Sounds like there is a problem with the charger and it is not actually charging the phone. Can you verify that it is actually charging the phone? That, coupled with some app that is running in the background, sucking a lot of juice, could be working together to kill your battery.
    08-07-2013 05:22 PM

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