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    I bought my first lumia 920 as prepaid phone from AT&T - Full price.
    After having Issues with the "Brand new phone" as: Dust ander FFC...
    Nokia us cs wanted me to ship the phone to repair, i'm explaining to rep that i can't just be with out my phone 10 days
    all my work go through there. nothing helped.
    I I contacted elop directly and they sent me a replacement.
    and here all problems start:
    Phone freezes when receiving incoming calls - i can't do anything but press and hold volume down + power.
    Phone freezes on marketplace
    Delay touch screen response
    While listening to music one earphone stops working and hear only one side - I tried a lot of different headsets and nothing worked
    some apps just stopped working with no reason - i have tried to reinstall them - reset phone - does not work

    i contact again "NOKIA Customer service" :
    me: above...

    Rep: we suggest that you further troubleshoot the issue by updating your phone's software by going to the App list.....
    If the issue still occurs, please send your phone to us for evaluation or repair....

    Me: i have already TRIED... can't be with out phone so long. I want to get a replacement before I send mine for repair

    Rep: We understand that you cannot be without your phone. Please be informed that you may contact your network service provider and ask for a loaner phone while your phone is being evaluated and repaired in our repair fqacility.

    Me: At&t doesn't give a replacement.
    Last time I got a replacement from you.
    Why shouldn't I now?

    Rep: We would like to clarify that you can contact your network service for a loaner phone or temporary phone while your original phone is being evaluated and assessed at out repair facility. Please be informed that the replacement of your phone will depend upon the assessment of our technicians

    Me: THEY DO NOT GIVE IT. is there any place i can come to rapair it on the spot?

    Rep:We truly understand your situation regarding with your concern. In response to your e-mail, please be informed that since we only have one authorized repair center in the USA, and have a standard repair process, we can only suggest that you send your device to the nearest third-party repair center in your area.

    Me: I gave up!
    I will consider my next purchase of Nokia.
    I love windows phone, but there are more windows phone devices on the market.
    Very very disappointed! ! !

    Please understand that our standard repair procedure requires customers to send their phone to our repair center. Once the device is received, our technicians will evaluate the issue to determine if a repair or replacement is required to resolve the problem.

    If you have already contacted AT&T but they are unable to provide a loaner phone, we then suggest that you try resetting your device (if you have not yet performed the said procedure) as this may help in resolving the issue. Please be advised that resetting your device will restore your phone into its factory settings and will delete all your personal content such as text messages and applications. Therefore we recommend that you create a backup first before resetting your device.

    Me: I did restart. I've tried already all.
    I know one thing, the replacement I got from you few months ago is broken! ! !
    There is nothing to understand, while I paid full price for my phone, and I have to ship it and be with out phone few day.
    I like Nokia, but this will make me reconsider my next purchase of smartphone.
    I have showed & told many people in my
    Work this phone and made few of them buying it.
    But now when I need a service from you guys all I'm getting is usually answers.
    now, if you have any answers for me let me know.......

    when i have a dell venu pro - everytime i had a pro they first sent me a replacement. i heard that apple does the same.
    i don't think my next windows phone will be Nokia.
    08-08-2013 06:03 PM
  2. wizzackr's Avatar
    Same here, I feel your pain - except I did not even get a replacement :( was that a joke with regards to having gotten your first one through an email to Elop? My horror story with Nokia is this one

    What pisses me off most is that all those bugs totally flawed my WP experience. My HD7 did crash ONCE on me during the 18 months that I used it. Nokias heat issues, battery drain, dust in the FFC, proximity sensor flaws and screen freezing brought me exactly where and why I had left Android: searching through forums for fixes, digging through background tasks, disabling this, tinkering with that... Screw that. Even looked for darn ROMs on the net again!
    And what's worse: i so did look forward to getting a pureview phone, but with all that baggage I sure as hell will not give Nokia one single Dollar more...
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    08-08-2013 06:27 PM
  3. izik770's Avatar
    you're riget all my problems with dell venu pro were more about the phone Hardware like:
    dust ander screen
    phone just power off by it self
    i did not have any pro with WP on that phone

    was not a joke with elop. He really helped me!
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    08-08-2013 07:40 PM
  4. Ganesh Balan's Avatar
    Send a mail to [CODE]stephen.elop@nokia.com[/CODE] detailing your entire experience. I am not kidding. There have been several instances when this has helped.

    I never had to use it personally but a forum friend had his AT&T 920 imported from the US to India and the local Nokia service centres were not willing to accept the device for service because it was imported. He sent a couple of mails to Elop and the phone was replaced, no questions asked.
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    08-08-2013 10:35 PM
  5. wizzackr's Avatar
    Thank you so much for the advice, guys, looks like it worked! Fingers crossed...
    08-09-2013 04:46 AM
  6. Ganesh Balan's Avatar
    Excellent! Keep us posted on how the whole thing goes. Here's hoping you get a replacement unit quickly!

    I had contacted Mr. Elop once during November-end when the Lumia 920 was launched worldwide and India did not get a release date! I was pretty pissed because I was waiting and waiting for this device and there was absolutely no news, just some rumors about the pricing and launch dates doing the rounds. I contacted him and asked him to push our country head launch it here quickly. He gave a one line response the very same day:

    Thanks for the note. We are working hard to broaden distribution. Regards, Stephen.
    And the device was launched during January first week.
    08-09-2013 06:07 AM

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