1. STi's Avatar
    I have black lumia 920 I bought in Israel and it VODAFON branded (product key is 059Q8M3) RM-821_eu_euro2_268
    We don't have Vodafon, its probably imported from Germany as the default language is German
    I want to update it to amber but can't find the correct rom so I will not avoid my warranty
    can anyone please give me a link this rom files?!
    08-10-2013 11:31 AM
  2. ygtgngr's Avatar
    You can update with any product key rom right now and restore to the one that nokia serves for you just check the rm-821 to be right
    08-10-2013 11:56 AM
  3. STi's Avatar
    I got RM-821
    08-10-2013 12:00 PM
  4. STi's Avatar
    how do I recover?
    08-10-2013 12:05 PM
  5. Jaripi's Avatar
    Just that you know and understand, Nokia Care Suite offers only old one now, not AMBER ...
    08-10-2013 12:08 PM

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