1. nemov888's Avatar
    Anyone else notice that the Lumia 925 came with a fabulous anti-fingerprint glossy finish when new, that is now not so resistant to fingerprints? Maybe it is just my imagination, but I think I'm right. Also wondering if there are any sprays/coatings out there that will not just clean it, but make it more oil/fingerprint resistant?
    08-13-2013 08:08 AM
  2. pezley's Avatar
    there is a oleophobic spray solution. Not tried it but reviews are good. Car wax is also supposed to do the trick but never tried it.

    Sadly the oleophobic coating is just that, a coating. Unfortunately in and out your pocket, slip case etc will start to wear it down.

    for anyone that has had a screen protector on their 920 since release, take off that screen protector and any area not covered ( i.e proximity sensor ) will be very acceptable to finger grease in comparison to the rest of the screen.
    08-13-2013 10:36 AM

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