1. Rahul Shrinivas's Avatar

    Hi Fellow users,
    I was a proud Lumia 720 owner since a month, until last 10 days my camera started giving me issues, whenever i open the camera app,(even through the physical button, it opens for a second and keeps crashing back to the main menu, i tried both soft reset and hard reset , it seems to work fine for a day or so and then the same issue persists ...guys pls help me out here...
    camera was the main functionality for me buying this phone
    kindly share yours thoughts and opinions on it
    08-16-2013 05:06 AM
  2. mpt15's Avatar
    My dad had this problem on his L820. It was due to a corrupted SD card, carried over from his old phone. Using a new card solved the problem.
    08-16-2013 05:19 AM
  3. montsa007's Avatar
    Visit Nokia care, if they dont seem helpful shoot an email to stephen elop's mail ID and they'll ensure you have a replacement ;)
    08-16-2013 05:21 AM
  4. Rahul Shrinivas's Avatar
    Thank you mpt15, i ll try changing my memory card and get back to u
    08-16-2013 06:26 AM
  5. Rahul Shrinivas's Avatar
    yeah monsta007 , if nothing works i ll have to go to the Nokia care center...:D
    08-16-2013 06:28 AM

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