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    Hello! I just gifted my Dad a Lumia 820, and am having trouble setting up the phone:

    1) I used the Nokia Transfer app on the 820 to pull contacts from the C301. Unfortunately, the app only synced contacts and ignored calendars. Is there any App/online way to transfer the C301 calendars, notes and messages to the Lumia 820? The C301 is connected/synced to an ovi.com account.
    My Dad keeps a detailed calendar on his C301 and its very important for him.

    2) I created an @outlook.com account for him and thats how I setup the phone, but in the settings section it's showing to be only syncing the email. However in Outlook.com cloud site, I see his contacts have been imported. What's happening? Why is the phone not showing any other content syncing options? Is it because its an OutLook account and NOT a hotmail account? If yes, its silly! And annoying! I may have to reset the phone and create a new Hotmail account?

    Nokia should make at least transferring data between its own phones seamless.

    (I had also synced his gmail on the Lumia. Would Outlook.com be synced with contacts from Gmail via the Lumia?)

    (Using first Nokia PC Suite and then some other version of Nokia Suite for Lumia is not really an option because my Dad doesnt have a decent internet at home, and I am here only for a day. Downloading, installing, syncing, downloading new suite, syncing, troubleshooting, I really dont have time for that over an EDGE connection!! )
    08-20-2013 10:26 PM
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    Outlook - Live - Hotmail

    Shouldnt make a difference which acct you use. The options of what to sync are contacts and mail, calenders can be turned on and off via the calender app for each individual account, thats why you dont see an option to sync it in email & accounts.

    With regards to getting his calender info over, you may struggle.

    Might be worthwhile trying to sync it with outlook on a pc... then syncing that with the outlook acct that you created, i could be wrong but I can't see another way.

    Transfer my Data will move contacts, messages and pics, but not calenders.
    08-20-2013 10:50 PM
  3. lnsertName's Avatar
    For his contacts, you need to go to people hub, options and settings, filter contact list.
    08-20-2013 10:51 PM
  4. theloststory's Avatar
    Thanks! But these are the hurdles:

    1) When I go to account settings : microsoft account on the Lumia, the ONLY option it displays is Contacts (with a check box)
    2) I managed to download Nokia PC Suite on his Lenovo. Unfortunately I realised that it requires MS Outlook to sync the calendar. My Dad doesn't have MS Outlook. Funny! I thought at least a basic version would come free with the OS. (I have always used a Mac, and the Calendar/Mail etc esential basics are always part of the OS install). So, just to get calendars across, I may have to buy the entire Office Suite!! Which my Dad never uses!!! Sucks.
    3) I am trying to sync Lumia to Skydrive and see if it works. It seems to take the calendar across, but I have only seen a few entries. Dont know if that has come from his gMail or Nokia. (His gmail has only a few contacts and calendars).
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    08-20-2013 11:21 PM

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