1. maxknux's Avatar
    really love this phone after moving from BlackBerry Bold 9900 but I keep running into Memory problems.
    I also have like 25 GB of Skydrive Storage due to special loyalty thing with Microsoft.

    So When I got the phone it says 16 GB but the status bar on the Windows Phone Metro App on Windows 8 says the total is 14.23 GB

    I have 4.25 GB of Music which probably is the major memory problem.

    I have about 3.2 GB of Apps and 782 MB of App Data. 229 MB of Maps which I download my only my State. Also I have like 500 MB of podcast which are either video and audio.

    2 GB is for the system and 2 GB for Other.

    Other data is small which is consumed by ringtones (17MB), docss (366MB), and videos (49 MB), Email and contacts (143 MB)

    It looks like I have to kill some music off my phone to make room for high end games. I download Asphalt 7 and had fun but had to delete since it consumed 1 GB of the phone. Now its either my music or game or video.
    Right now I decided music is more important than games.

    Also I have to be careful about taking HD Videos and also clear up room to take more high quality photos but it seems to me most of time it uploads everything successfully to Skydrive.
    I saw streaming music but I am not impressed with it since A) I might lose connection and 2) I have custom music not found in streaming libraries like Video Game music; Special classical pieces.

    So in Summary I have like 14 GB in total

    2 GB for the System 14%
    ~About 4 GB for Apps 29%
    ~About 4 GB for Music 29%

    The rest of 4 GB is probably for 2 GB for other and rest of phone like mail, photos, maps, podcasts which is about 28 %
    I had no problems manage media on my Bold 9900 since I had a 32 GB SD card but the app memory was limited to 512 MB.

    How do you guys manage memory? Also do you have Stories of Memory Issues and how did you resolve it?
    08-22-2013 04:46 PM
  2. smurfercom's Avatar
    As nice as the 925 is I passed on it they really need to do away with this storage game and gimping the phones storage. They put in a camera and 1080p video Sky Drive fails most of the time when trying to upload a 1080p video not to mention it will corrupt your SD card in the failed attempt to upload. I'm hoping by next year Nokia get's off their arses and build a real phone with real storage. Give 64/128 + SD slot with Batt pull. If they don't build a phone like this by next year I'll be looking at other options.
    08-23-2013 07:52 PM
  3. manilabeans's Avatar
    The storage issue almost made me skip this phone too. But it was just too sexy to resist. I admit, I bought it mostly because of its good looks, everything else (camera OS) were just welcome gravy.

    I currently have about 5GB left of space on my 925, but I've only had this for a week. All I have on it right now are my playlists, with all the songs in the phone as well. I am a heavy gamer but I don't intend to use this phone for gaming, partly because my unit seems to have a tendency towards overheating, which happens even on simple games. So at the moment I only have about 6 casual games installed (mostly puzzles). Other apps I loaded are mostly camera and picture editing related, plus sharing/social networking apps, some news apps, and a weather app. All my documents and ebooks are kept on my SkyDrive account, because I need access to those from my other devices/computers too.

    That said, I haven't really taken a lot of pictures yet. so I don't know how much mileage I'd get out of my remaining storage once I do.
    08-24-2013 03:20 AM
  4. veii's Avatar
    Get XBox Music, Spotify, Netflix and upgrade SkyDrive. I have over 9GB free because I stream everything from the cloud. Asphalt 7 and a couple of Audible audiobooks take up the most room on mine, and Nokia Drive maps of course.

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 4
    08-26-2013 11:18 AM
  5. maxknux's Avatar
    Man I was busy studying for an exam, thanks for the the suggestions. I have Netflix but I don't have a pressing need for a subscription for music or maybe I am stuck in my old ways of buying music and playing it whenever. I don't like the fact I pay monthly and I rather paid it once. Probably when time passes I will get enlighten to streaming. I actually deleted the game. I tried streaming mp3 like audio cd but Skydrive stops playing the file at the end and does not move on to the next. The other thing is sometimes Skydrive says it can't play the file and then it can. Its just weird.

    I guess I will continue to use the phone because I love it but live with very low memory so far I just keep it at 650 MB free. I feel for these kind of phones the minimum should be 32 GB. This beyond ridiculous to have very limited storage space. You don't even get 16 GB instead you only have 12 GB from the start. No big deal. I will use the phone until I can upgrade to something better after 6 months with the T-Mobile Jump! Hopefully there will be more choices for WP8. I choice this phone because it was the only WP8 phone on T-mobile.
    09-14-2013 08:11 PM

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