1. King Benneth's Avatar
    Phone just alerted me that I have another update to download and install. I have already previously installed the GDR2 update. Does anyone know what this one is for? Orange in UK
    08-24-2013 04:47 AM
  2. Ymanish's Avatar
    may be gdr3 or 8.1 or windows phone 9......omg miracle....(sideeffects on people waiting for gdr2)...kill me
    08-24-2013 05:01 AM
  3. MilkyTee's Avatar
    No changelog or patchnotes anwhere, but it seems to squash a bug from GDR2 that was bricking 8Xs when you played music.
    Also, phone might now be a little moe responsive, but that could just be me. All in all, nothing major, unless you were one of the victims of the GDR2 update.
    Ivaylo Badinov likes this.
    08-24-2013 05:03 AM
  4. King Benneth's Avatar
    Thanks guys. Did check the news feed but didn't see any story about any updates! I have screenshots of before and after if you'd like to see. The firmware revision number has gone up.
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    08-24-2013 05:09 AM
  5. Ivaylo Badinov's Avatar
    I got it too, and it updates really slow took about 30 min! Even GDR2 updated faster. The slowest update ever.
    08-24-2013 07:36 AM
  6. sockensuppe's Avatar
    An Update after the GDR2-Bricking-Fix-Update!?
    08-24-2013 07:45 AM
  7. Svetoslav Enkov's Avatar
    The same, please check in Settings-About-More information for a Firmware revision number - now it reads 3030.0.34101.401 - was a little lower... This is an update for a buggy updated firmware that acomplishes the GDR2.
    09-01-2013 01:11 PM
  8. stickyshocker's Avatar
    Im on orange uk but nothing for my 8x as yet, any ideas?
    09-01-2013 01:16 PM
  9. Chregu's Avatar
    An Update after the GDR2-Bricking-Fix-Update!?
    I got this a while ago on my unbranded 8X. It fixed terrible performance issues I had after GDR2. Everything runs smoothly now.
    09-01-2013 01:20 PM
  10. rocking23nf's Avatar
    got 3 updates on bell Canada

    2 windows updates
    1 HTC updating, currently installing.
    09-01-2013 10:02 PM
  11. stickyshocker's Avatar
    Still nothing for me
    09-02-2013 03:24 PM
  12. stickyshocker's Avatar
    Any news, still nothing for my orange 8x
    09-04-2013 12:56 PM
  13. vinscg's Avatar
    i dont know about yours..but i have an issue with wi-fi, its really slow..maybe a fix for that ( i got gdr2)
    09-05-2013 03:20 PM
  14. stickyshocker's Avatar
    Just wanted to find out if anyone else has had a further update on 8x from orange uk after gdr2 my firmware still showing 34101.61
    09-11-2013 12:53 PM
  15. listeningtree's Avatar
    Got an update too. Factory Unlocked HTC 8x.

    OS version: 8.0.103277.77
    Firmware revision number: 3030.0.34101.707
    09-11-2013 08:21 PM
  16. twistedpopo's Avatar
    Got an update as well from a broken GDR2 to this one...

    Unlocked 8x in Philippines.
    09-11-2013 10:01 PM
  17. Pete's Avatar
    Just wanted to find out if anyone else has had a further update on 8x from orange uk after gdr2 my firmware still showing 34101.61
    I have an unbranded phone on the Orange/EE network. I had a post GDR2 update with firmware version of 34101.401
    09-12-2013 02:37 AM
  18. stickyshocker's Avatar
    Ohh i think i have a branded orange one so guess i will have to wait of there is another update for the firmware. Hope it does sort out some of the lag issues
    09-12-2013 09:55 AM
  19. Jaskaran Singh5's Avatar
    I just updated my GDR2 late yesterday night, deliberately. Took a long time. But its fine now. So my firmware is
    3030.0.34101.61 Does anyone know if this has the post GDR2 update for the Brick fix? Cause im scared to play music on y device
    09-25-2013 08:21 AM

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