1. londondbb's Avatar
    hi guys,

    I've got 3 issues with my new HTC 8x windows phone:

    1. How to capture screen shot? When I press the power key and home key at same time, it goes into an audio speak function instead of screen shot.

    2. how to record sound/voice? does it come with an embedded recorder?

    3. how to see animated .gif pictures?

    thanks a lot!
    08-27-2013 05:47 AM
  2. andrewkeith5's Avatar
    1) Don't hold the start button for so long before pressing the power key, it needs to be a very quick action!

    2) I dont believe there's something in built, but I'm sure you could find an app. Sorry :(

    3) I always thought you could just see animated GIFs in the Pictures + Videos hub, maybe its a Nokia extra...? HTC haven't added their own pictures hub have they? Make sure you use the Windows one...
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    08-27-2013 06:02 AM
  3. Kellzea's Avatar
    1) make sure you press them at the same time. Just tap em and blamo.

    2) there are tons of free apps that will allow Dictaphone use.

    3) gifs, gifs gifs, ive been looking for a good gif viewer for a while now. There are some 4chan apps that will play gifs. But ive not found a way to play them locally yet.
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    08-27-2013 06:12 AM
  4. mpt15's Avatar
    For recording sound, I use mini recorder free. Here's the link:
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    08-27-2013 06:31 AM
  5. londondbb's Avatar
    thanks everyone above!!
    i've managed to capture screen shots it just takes some practice doesn't it?
    as for recorder, thanks mpt15 for the suggestion of mini recorder, it's lovely!
    i also found out that the built-in microsoft OneNote also comes with audio recording feature.
    gifs is still a problem, i couldn't seem to find any app on my phone that can play gifs, all gifs are static!
    I hope wp8 will come up with new updates to fix this, for now i can live with it.
    08-27-2013 10:32 AM
  6. crash1989's Avatar
    HD Photo Viewer HD Photo Viewer | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (भारत)

    you can view all cinemagraphs with it. Since they are GIF images, it can open them. I haven't tried this with normal GIFs but it worked with cinemagraph images.
    08-27-2013 10:53 AM

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