1. wamsille's Avatar
    I've had my Lumia 1020 since the 12th but I didn't get to open it and activate until the 18th since I was out of town. So far the only major problem that I have had is the phone randomly powering down. When it does this, 30% of the time it attempts to restart and it fails. (AT&T logo and then nothing) The rest of the time the phone does not respond to me pressing the power button alone, and I have to do both volume keys with the power button or plug in the charging cable at the same time to get any kind of activity.

    I had this sort of issue with my 920 before, but not quite as frequently as I have had with the 1020. (Considering my time of ownership) Is this an OS-specific issue or does this seem like hardware? I would prefer to be better informed on this and know what the best course of action is before I go nuclear by contacting AT&T. I'm sure I would get a "new" Lumia 1020 but knowing my luck I would get a certified like-new device that has a cosmetic flaw or another issue not present in my current phone.
    08-27-2013 08:31 AM
  2. Desmoface's Avatar
    I would return it, definitetly not supposed to be happening. If they give you a refurb, demand that it looks flawless or get a different one. Good luck.

    08-27-2013 09:32 AM
  3. jfreiman's Avatar
    I have had this problem too and have had my phone replaced 2x (I'm on my 3rd 1020)

    This seems to happen after I have been recording video or using Pro Cam for a while.

    The phone will not turn back on for approx 10 minutes - after I have connected it to a spare battery I keep in my pocket.

    Each of my 3 1020s have had this issue. My guess is that the phone is overheating - it really sucks.
    09-12-2013 08:35 PM

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