1. Joe920's Avatar
    I just found that I'm already eligible for upgrade pricing on a 1020, after buying an ATT 920 on Nov 9 last year. Am I the only lucky one?

    Posted this in the 1020 forum earlier, but I'm guessing more people here can check their eligibility.

    08-30-2013 11:41 AM
  2. Joe920's Avatar
    Update: don't get your hopes up, so far the only other person that tried got full price. Any other people care to have a look?
    08-30-2013 12:08 PM
  3. da1stprince's Avatar
    I am a new AT&T customer as of May of this year and got the N920 for free...I called AT&T and told them I needed to upgrade to N1020 and was told the earliest I can upgrade to N1020 would be early October which would make that 6 months of N920 ownership...can't say that I'm looking forward to leaving the 920 but I must have that 1020 camera!
    08-30-2013 08:19 PM
  4. Noahma's Avatar
    Both of my lines are "upgradable" with a partial discount for an early upgrade. My 920 is due for a full upgrade Dec. of next year, the other may of next year.
    08-31-2013 02:07 AM

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