1. Sayyid Shoaib's Avatar

    For anyone interested theres a detailed review of how well the lumia 1020 fairs just posted recently with all the camera samples, endurance ratings and much more

    Nokia Lumia 1020 review: View from the top - GSMArena.com

    Hope it helps for anyone who wants to purchase the phone and still on the fence

    I like the GSMArena team because they do a good all around review of handsets and cover all important testing of phones

    09-21-2013 01:15 PM
  2. crash1989's Avatar
    Being one of the oldest reviewers they seem to get emotional on the final words page. Good review anyway
    09-21-2013 02:10 PM
  3. Sayyid Shoaib's Avatar
    yes I agree with you but its nice to pay tribute to Nokia who have been cutting edge for the smartphone history pre-Iphone-Android era and what is seen as a befitting bow out with such a cameraphone.

    Good work Nokia and yet gain top review by GSMArena.
    crash1989 likes this.
    09-21-2013 02:16 PM
  4. planoman's Avatar
    Good review! I learned some things about my 1020 reading this!
    09-21-2013 06:19 PM
  5. WanderingTraveler's Avatar

    Now, excuse me as I try to digest their review.
    09-21-2013 06:31 PM
  6. Smyrna5's Avatar
    Very thorough review. Thanks.
    09-21-2013 08:00 PM
  7. Sayyid Shoaib's Avatar
    Im also interested in the upcoming shootout GSMArena will be conducting with the camera up against the likes of Sony Xperia Z1

    will keep you posted guys

    09-22-2013 02:35 AM
  8. yly3's Avatar
    I have been following GSMArena since their Nokia 6230i days. I will say that they were Nokia fans (couldn't say biased) but they reporting the flaws if they had any.
    Anyway, like somebody said, you can read them getting nostalgic at the end of the review, and so am I.
    I used to be a Nokia supported myself although they never got Symbian bug-free, it kinda always stagnated..
    Although I regret them "leaving", they asked for it. The arrogance in refusing to properly get in the new game in 2008-2009 AAAND the huge prices they were still asking back then was like asking for trouble.
    Their pre-Elop CEO is what killed Nokia.

    Nowadays phones are silicon blocks in a spec war which is just updating the same thing over and over again.
    In the pre-touch era, we used to see radical different designs and for factors and sometimes with a game-changing hardware features like better keyboard, much better cameras, different form factors etc
    Things that made you want to crave for that phone.

    Anyway, that story is for another day.
    But this is also the reason by I got hooked by the 1020. It excited me like a smartphone used to back in the day.
    With an amazing design, an amazing camera.
    Great out-of-the-box features etc.
    it just make me wanna enjoy the phone and get the best of it. Don't know how to describe it.
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    09-22-2013 09:56 AM
  9. montsa007's Avatar
    Being one of the oldest reviewers they seem to get emotional on the final words page. Good review anyway
    Something like,
    "We had tears in our eyes when we had to send this unit back to Nokia, and some dumb employee forgot to factory reset it. We really want that phone :'("
    I'll be reading that review shortly ;)
    Thanks for headsup.
    09-23-2013 01:00 AM
  10. akiman911's Avatar
    Settings > Display > Sunlight Readability > On

    I don't think I've encountered a phone with better sunlight readability ^^

    Good review otherwise
    09-23-2013 01:39 AM
  11. Euell Gibbons's Avatar
    What the hell is the matter with this reviewer? It's not like MS is just going to start ruining the Lumia product line. I would expect the same level of quality and commitment from MS that Nokia had.

    It kills me when I see people who think the problem with Nokia smartphones is the OS. We already have Nokia quality hardware sporting Android, it's called MOTOROLA! And guess what, those phones haven't exactly been flying off the shelves the past few years.

    The problem with Android phones ain't the hardware, (Well, maybe with Samsung it is :-D) it's the crap OS.
    09-23-2013 02:42 PM
  12. Sayyid Shoaib's Avatar
    we all hope not

    I started a thread on that:


    anyone wish to discuss I'm interested in what could possibly happen to the Lumia line!
    09-23-2013 04:22 PM

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