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    On the quiet hills of Pohorje an epic duel is about to take place: Mislav Mironović and Matja Klemenčič (Croatian and Slovenian athletes) race each other in this action packed video, shot entirely with Nokia Lumia 920 phones.

    Brought to you by Nokia Lumia. No extensive post-production! Best enjoyed in HD.

    Presented by: Nokia
    Agency: Renderspace
    Production: Studio Virc
    Filmed at Specialized bike park Pohorje, Maribor, Slovenia

    Sayyid Shoaib likes this.
    09-24-2013 05:33 AM
  2. Ed Boland's Avatar
    That's got to be one of the most random, bizarre videos.... Loved it! I like how it was all shot on Lumia 920s.. Also would like to see more of the blonde!
    09-24-2013 05:49 AM
  3. Sayyid Shoaib's Avatar
    cool very good footage

    hard to believe that it was entirely shot with Nokia 920

    thumbs up with getting all the angles spot on
    09-24-2013 05:56 AM

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