1. deckard201293's Avatar
    Hello, I currently have straight talk. I seen that they are selling the sim cards for AT&T again and I was wondering if I could by the gophone lumia 520 and the sim and activate it on my straight talk account out of the box. The service reps at straight talk, said that it need to be unlocked first. I have read many articles saying that it would work and several that say that it won't. I need some insight, has anyone actually activated it on straight talk out of the box? Please help!
    09-26-2013 08:59 PM
  2. Shawn Magm's Avatar
    I haven't, but don't see why it wouldn't work with a locked AT&T Lumia 520 as long as you use the ST AT&T SIM. Other uses have used the AT&T Lumia 520 on a variety of AT&T MNVO's without having the phone unlocked.
    09-26-2013 11:24 PM
  3. deckard201293's Avatar
    You would think that it would. I spoke to both an AT&T representative and a Straight Talk representative. The guy from AT&T said that it needed to be unlocked before being used on any other network. The lady from straight talk told me that the phone must be unlocked in order to be used on their service. I don't understand, they use the same network, why would it have to be unlocked. Sounds fishy to me...
    09-27-2013 11:24 AM

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