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    So I recently purchased myself a Lumia 925, it was an upgrade from my Lumia 820 which I loved dearly. The 925 is great, but I realised today that the phone is from Hong Kong. I had no idea this was the case when purchasing. It's running RM-892_apac_hong_kong_272.

    The phones in English as that's how I set it up. It has the language installed already so it's all good there, but what does the Hong Kong RM do? Is it possible to reflash the device with an English RM? I have a feeling that this has something to do with updates, so I'd like to be running an RM for my native language.

    09-28-2013 07:22 AM
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    Flashing always has a little danger to it, because you could brick your phone.

    I have an Unlocked/Unbranded HTC 7 Trophy from Germany and an Unlocked/Unbranded Samsung Galaxy2 from Greece. Both of those phones get updates fine. From time to time when I do an update it will switch back to the native language, but it's no problem switching it back.
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    09-28-2013 07:35 AM
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    It won't really matter - once you have set up the language, country etc. it will function the same as a locally sourced phone with the correct region firmware. You will have some extra ringtones and a few other bits and pieces, but there is little material difference. As far as updates are concerned your phone will only receive an update when one is made available for the currently installed firmware. I ran my Three-UK 920 with the Australian firmware for a while, then French, now I'm running the UK generic firmware.

    You can flash the phone with the firmware for your region. To do this you need to install the Nokia Care Suite and find the model code for the region you wish to install. For instance the generic UK (cv_gb) white lumia 920 is 059R073. Information about installing Nokia Care suite and finding the correct code is available in this forum. The Nokia Care SUite only works on a Windows PC and you will need to install a couple of packages from Microsoft along the way.

    If you flash the phone you will get most things back, but will lose your start screen customisation. I've flashed mine many times and it has taken a good couple of hours to get it back to how it was. I take screenshots of the start screen and upload them to Skydrive before I flash it.
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    09-28-2013 07:42 AM
  4. sm4llzie's Avatar
    Thanks for the responses.

    I've got the Nokia Care Suite installed, but it doesn't seem to pickup my Lumia 925. It says the device is "not supported product". Anyone know why this is? I've used the Care Suite before to flash the 820 with no problems.
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    09-28-2013 07:46 AM
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    Another question in that matter: when you flash it to UK firmware for example do you receive updates as per UK availability or is it still dependent of the set`s product code?
    I also have 720 and 520 with HK product code and considering flash to local firmware but does it really matters?
    Thanks in advance
    09-28-2013 04:00 PM
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    In order to get your 925 recognized you need a newer NCS version
    09-28-2013 04:05 PM

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