1. gbbg's Avatar
    Went for a dip in the ocean and ruined a perfectly good-looking and working yellow 920. Totally my fault. Did a rice submerge for 1+ day but I think it's too late.

    Unfortunately, it took our vacation photos with it. Didn't have wifi so pics weren't uploaded to Skydrive either.

    Any any any remotest chance of retrieving pics? I know it's hoping/expecting against every rational thought but, any ideas?
    10-01-2013 10:16 AM
  2. Muessig's Avatar
    If the phone won't turn on I don't see how you could get access to flash memory. The remotest chance is if you could isolate the water damage to a specific part of the phone and get that replaced, but being water damage this is basically a no-go.
    10-01-2013 12:02 PM
  3. berty6294's Avatar
    yeah especially salt water... that stuff is the devil!
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    10-01-2013 12:05 PM
  4. multo's Avatar
    When you said sea water, I'm almost certain it'll be a no go. But since it's done, you could try opening it up and do some cleaning with perhaps alcohol or something. I'm guessing here so it may also give no good effect but no harm in trying now. Feel bad for you but I hope you find a good solution to it

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    10-01-2013 01:22 PM
  5. gbbg's Avatar
    Thanks guys. I know it's done now but I was hoping for a remote chance of salvaging. All I have right now is a bright yellow paper-weight-***-weapon to hurl at intruders. 😀😫
    Tried a 520 for a substitute... Nope. Can't go there.

    I will try opening it up after few days. Any pointers to a video on the innards.
    10-01-2013 02:00 PM
  6. Muessig's Avatar
    Have a search around this forum for some other water threads. I read one recently about using distilled alcohol as it has no water in it at all, so would clean out your phone without leaving any water traces.
    10-01-2013 02:02 PM
  7. miodrage's Avatar
    The proper way is to dismantle the device, then clean the phone with isopropil alcohol, and to submerge it to an ultrasound tub. Then leave it there for several hrs. After that, u assemble the device, and pray, then try to turn it on. Possibly, it will work for a short period of time, but quite enough to salvage the photos (if the memory wasn't damaged)
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    10-02-2013 07:15 AM
  8. jojapath's Avatar
    Any pointers to a video on the innards.


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    10-02-2013 08:03 AM
  9. berty6294's Avatar
    Look if you didn't rinse the phone with freshwater or distilled alcohol or anything else after its saltwater bath then it is 100% done.

    I know the from experience, I had a gas powered RC boat. Drove that thing in lakes and rivers and it was fun as hell. Too it into the ocean to do some wave jumping and didn't rinse it afterwards. Let it dry for a couple hours and found it would not power on at all, opened up the electrical and mechanical components and it was ridiculously corroded beyond repair. Now I fresh water rinse everything that has even touched saltwater!
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    10-02-2013 01:03 PM
  10. gbbg's Avatar
    Thanks berty, I will give it a shot. Not that I am going to lose anything here.
    10-02-2013 11:21 PM
  11. gbbg's Avatar
    So the phone went through a diagnostic estimate and they said they tried everything, cleaned off the rust and all but it won't power on. I wasn't surprised.

    But now, I have a brand new looking yellow brick paperweight. I was wondering if I could just get the faceplates off, would anyone be interested in buying just the case? In case someone wanted yellow?
    10-23-2013 11:35 AM
  12. berty6294's Avatar
    You could probably sell the case and screen on Ebay!
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    10-23-2013 11:45 AM
  13. jmshub's Avatar
    If you're lucky, the battery shorted itself out when it got submerged. Otherwise, if the electronics shorted, you risk losing the data. A cheap multimeter will tell you if there is voltage coming out of the battery.
    10-23-2013 11:47 AM
  14. gbbg's Avatar
    jmshub, the repair shop spent a good 6 hours on it (I think) but didn't get anywhere, so no hope for the electronics.
    10-23-2013 08:43 PM
  15. gbbg's Avatar
    I might try that.. if not the screen..
    10-23-2013 08:44 PM

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