1. jlanzac's Avatar
    I have a colleague with a Lumia 925 and we have found a strange behaviour. While, on my 820, I have the setting to set automatic update of date and time using operators network, in his 925 there is not such option. His phone has a MNO ROM (Movistar).

    Is there any way to activate it? or is it normal?

    Find a screenshot attached

    10-06-2013 03:06 AM
  2. heijenoort's Avatar
    Maybe his mobile operator does not support that...
    10-06-2013 05:17 AM
  3. multo's Avatar
    I'm with the mobile operator limitation. My 925 doesn't have that issue. I'm able to set it to auto update date and time

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    10-06-2013 09:03 AM
  4. jlanzac's Avatar
    The operator supports it and least if I put the SIM in my phone it works. Besides in older mobile phones the option was enable.

    The issue is that in the Date+Time menu it doesn't appear the option to set automatically, while in the CV version it does.

    Any idea?

    PD.: I have checked on a Lumia 820 from Movistar and it doesn't have it. Incredible.
    10-06-2013 09:04 AM

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