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  1. upadhyerohan's Avatar
    Can any tell how to integrate whattsapp with contacts. as we can easly link facebook, twitter, linden with contacts but I am unable to link it with whattapp
    10-08-2013 05:13 AM
  2. mpt15's Avatar
    Not possible at the moment. That is something whatsapp inc. and Microsoft should work on together. It would be really cool.
    10-08-2013 05:23 AM
  3. juliusvb's Avatar
    I Just switched to Windows Phone, and for now these kind of functions are a bit dissapointing. I used To have an android, ons that os It was so simple but i'l give wp some Time to improve and makes It as easy as android.
    10-08-2013 05:37 AM
  4. upadhyerohan's Avatar
    Can anyone tell how the issue can be taken up to nokia or windowws for an upgrade???
    10-08-2013 09:39 AM
  5. mpt15's Avatar
    You can email whatsapp and / or Microsoft to allow integration of whatsapp in the People Hub.

    Whatsapp contact is in whatsapp > about.
    For Microsoft you could try the windows phone user voice forums.
    Last edited by mpt15; 10-08-2013 at 10:22 AM.
    upadhyerohan likes this.
    10-08-2013 09:46 AM

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