1. DJWhiteSquall's Avatar
    My daughter dropped her Lumia 820 last night. While the gorilla glass wasn't broken (at least from the outside), you can see tiny lines in the lcd portion... While I hate that it was broken and we now must take an insurance hit, I took a photo & video of what the screen does when I power it up.... Why? Because it was too cool to give it back without sharing with you guys...


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    10-08-2013 01:02 PM
  2. PxuLL's Avatar
    820 doesnt have gorilla glass :P
    10-08-2013 02:17 PM
  3. budney's Avatar
    That was cool looking for sure, but it's sad that the phone is toast.
    10-08-2013 09:36 PM
  4. DJWhiteSquall's Avatar
    820 doesnt have gorilla glass :P
    Wow.. so this is even better! I dropped my 920 a year ago less than 2 feet and it destroyed the screen, she drops her's and the glass survives. How convenient... lol
    10-09-2013 09:17 AM

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