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    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help? I want to change the MS account on my phone to the same as my W8 PC. I know I need to do a factory reset but how to I keep my contacts? I can't back up to the cloud as it will be a different account.

    Many thanks
    10-08-2013 04:56 PM
  2. Tictac1977's Avatar
    You should be able to export your contacts at outlook.com when you log into your wp8 account and then log in to your w8 account and import them. Then when you log into your account on your phone after the reset they will be there
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    10-08-2013 05:03 PM
  3. Snow Wight's Avatar
    Thank you for your reply. That solution would work if I had MS office to use the spreadsheet to export/import. *sigh*
    10-08-2013 05:27 PM
  4. rdubmu's Avatar
    You don't need office to import contacts. Just export it to a excel doc then import it into your outlook.com account. You can do this from a mac or PC.

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    10-08-2013 05:58 PM
  5. Snow Wight's Avatar
    Thank you so much!
    10-08-2013 06:21 PM
  6. Snow Wight's Avatar
    Hmmmf......did the hard reset and now stuck on spinning cogs. Tried the solution in the sticky for a bricked phone after reset and I can't run the software. I guess I now have a broken phone. Gutted.
    10-08-2013 07:21 PM
  7. fwaits's Avatar
    Can't confirm personally if this worked, but give it a shot.

    Spinning gears stuck. Lumia 920. Windows Phone | BlissLabz
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    10-08-2013 07:25 PM
  8. Snow Wight's Avatar
    thanks again. You're an angel!
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    10-08-2013 08:23 PM

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