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    Hello everyone,

    I bought this unbranded yellow Lumia 920 a few weeks ago which was working fine for the first couple of weeks. Then the screen started to flicker which I initially thought was a hardware issue. Upon searching on google, found out that this is caused by the proximity sensor issue which makes the screen flicker. I have set the auto brightness to off and the screen brightness to low. I have performed soft reset multiple times and hard reset a couple of times none of which helped.

    Replacing the device is out of question as I bought this device whilst in EU and now I have moved to APAC. Apparently Nokia warranty works only within the EU for devices bought there. Now I am trying to figure out whether I can fix the problem using the "calibrate proximity sensor" option within the Nokia Care Suite. The phone connects okay to my laptop but then when I choose 'Test mode@ it keeps spinning and throws an error. I have tried all the USB ports on my laptop and I did also try using a different USB cable. I have attached screenshots, specs & versions I am running for reference. Can someone help me fix this please? It is annoying to see so much flickering on the phone whilst using it.

    Laptop running Win 7 Professional x64
    Nokia Care Suite 5.0 2013.13.4.4


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    can someone recommend a fix please? I have tried everything that comes up on screen but NCS finally comes up with the error as seen in screenshot 2 when I try to turn on Test mode.
    10-14-2013 11:38 PM

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