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    Mods please move this thread elsewhere if needed, thanks. :)

    I purchased a 520 a few months ago, and then another for my wife. We are both using H2O wireless with prepaid minutes (not monthly) plan.

    When I set them up I put them both under my microsoft account, because I didn't want to purchase apps twice. Coming from iOS this made sense to me. I buy many apps, and all devices on my account can use them.

    However we are noticing that text messages are being duplicated across both our phones.

    If I receive a text from say, my daughter, my wife receives the text also. Not a huge deal, but it looks like we are both being charged .05 per text by H2O, which is weird. I'm wondering if both phones are somehow getting the same text because they are both in my Microsoft account.

    So, do I make a new Microsoft account for my wife and move her phone into that account, or is there some way to manage multiple users in one account?

    I hope this question makes sense. Thanks in advance.

    10-14-2013 03:51 PM
  2. luk3ja's Avatar
    If text messages is your only problem then you can just go to text settings and turn off text backup and this should stop them being synced between devices. Unfortunately because the Microsoft account deals with everything then it makes it hard to share apps with people in the family :(
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    10-14-2013 03:57 PM
  3. futpaul's Avatar
    Thanks, I will try that.

    I also noticed that Group text was enbabled.. I disabled that too on my phone, we'll see what that does. :)

    Thanks again!

    10-14-2013 04:28 PM
  4. luk3ja's Avatar
    Group text will just send an MMS rather than several SMS's if you send one message to several people.
    10-14-2013 05:46 PM

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