1. ironfusion's Avatar
    When I am driving and have nokia music playing, and connected to a BT device, when I get a text, it will momentarily pause the music, but no longer reads/asks me if I want a text read. Anyone else have this issue, know what causes it, or how to fix it? Also, when is GDR3 expected to be available as a legit update? Additionally, I have to say I was very disappointed by pre-GDR2 speculation/updates stating that most/all Lumia or current WP8 devices had FM tuning baked in, and it would become functional with the release of GDR2... some even went so far as to say that FM-transmitting may be enabled... I felt like a schmuck thinking my phone would then be able to play FM, and was at a loss when I couldn't find an option. Too bad there is no mention in leaks/reviews of GDR3 opening up NFC capabilities whatsoever... I bought a set of NFCguyz tags.... and it ended up being a waste.... the only useful function I wrote and actually use is a quick-launch of battery saver for on my nightstand.... everything I expected to use via NFC for moving but not interacting with my phone was an EPIC fails tha left me drooling over the more open Android implementation. Though, I do not envy the battery life, battery wear+tear, need/development of octa-core, or carrier control over Android devices whatsoever! All my phone needs is better NFC, a way to set custom times for reminders/appts, and a manual lense shutter to protect my camera! But, an FM transmitter to cut out the middle-man in my early 90's car would be a pleasant addition too...
    10-18-2013 09:24 PM
  2. PB_H's Avatar
    make sure that always read aloud incoming text messages/bluetooth is ON in SPEECH settings and in ease of access ON
    10-18-2013 10:00 PM

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