1. scumdogmillionaire's Avatar
    My wife and I both have 920s and we both updated to GDR2 when AT&T released it. We both have Glance turned on (Peek) as well as Night Mode enabled for the same times.

    We both also have the wireless charging stands.

    Both phones enter night mode as expected when they're on the charging stands. However the difference is that my wife's will stay visible all night long but mine turns off sometime after midnight.

    Which phone is behaving correctly? I'd prefer mine stay on while it's on the charging stand but it's just not working out that way. Any ideas?

    The only other difference I can think of which might be related is on the charging stands, after my wife's phone is charged the light on the stand turns off, while mine stays on indefinitely.
    10-20-2013 11:10 AM
  2. ygtgngr's Avatar
    I have 820 my glance is always on too and my chargers light turns off
    10-20-2013 11:13 AM

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