1. scott thurm's Avatar
    Is there a spell check option on MS8 using Outlook to type an email does it show a tool bar (similar to this website I am typing on (brilliant!)

    I am against intellaspell smart checking my consistently miSPelleD words and auto adding to the library and learning incorrect spelling.

    For example this email does not have the traditional Spel Check as a OC does with MD Outlook.
    Example misspelled does not pop up multiple possibilities to choose from to clik the proper word spelled correctly ( I am admittedly using a Mac book pro.)

    I am thinking to purchase a Windows Nokia 1020.
    Place 3 personal email addresses and ONE Windows Corporate work email address which utilizes Windows 7 globally and Outlook for all out PC's.

    Q. Is there a icon on the screen when I type an email using outlook on the Nokia 1020 that has a SPELL CHECK Feature?
    functioning similar to that of a PC.
    Scrolls from one mispelled word to correct to the next misspelled word in the body of the email (novel lengths) that I type to see each misspelled word and ability to correct each word PRIOR to sending?
    Is there a website that I can view showing an example MS8 for Nokia and the manual GO command to spell check my email prior to hitting SEND?

    IF this basic feature is not available on a Windows OS phone.

    Q. Can people please give me an opinion on what the best way or phone Operating system with App or WhatEver to see my own typing and correct word after word then Hit SEND???

    I do not want to have Auto smart learning my dumb fat finger misspells.
    Not DO I want to have a phone out thinking what it KNOWS (???) I want spell or Auto predict the next word I am going to type.

    NYC USA 10029
    (I have not entered into a forum before) ifI hope it is OK to list my email address?)
    if not I hope the administrator will please remove it?)
    Thank you all in advance.
    10-20-2013 06:05 PM
  2. scott thurm's Avatar
    Is there a manual command to use for spell check on Windows 8 on a Nokia 1020 for outlook email?

    If yes can someone please describe or send a link/youtube or video of what the o
    Process is to do spell check?
    My business is to technical to allow auto intelligent (uuughhh) spel change/ spell check
    10-21-2013 12:24 AM

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