1. he_shark's Avatar
    Dropped my 920 onto concrete on the weekend. Not a scratch, screen is fine, but it won't turn on. I guess a loose cable or something destroyed inside.

    I opened it up (loosened the two screws on the bottom) but couldn't see anything obviously wrong. Looked at the 33 min long take apart video on YouTube, but that didn't really help me try to see where things could be loose/dead.

    Any suggestions from anyone else who has tried to DIY an unresponsive 920?

    Still don't feel there's a natural successor to the 920 on the market, and doesn't look like Nokia World will provide one for me tomorrow either. the 1520 is too big for me at 6", although it looks great otherwise. So I hope I can fix my 920 and wait out til WP8.1 and the next wave of handsets.
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    10-21-2013 07:51 AM
  2. gsquared's Avatar
    Drop it again.
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    10-21-2013 08:50 AM
  3. dznk's Avatar
    I'll give you some suggestions what you could do, but I'm not experienced in the hardware repair side of things. Below is what I would perhaps think of in this situation.

    • I take it plugging it into your charger or your PC does nothing?
    • I take it you don't have any accidental mobile phone cover with your carrier or an independent company?
    • Do you have accidental cover on your home insurance? If so, is it worth paying the excess?
    • You could take it apart and check for any loose cables.
    • Sell it for spares or repairs on ebay and put that money towards a new phone
    • Have a word with someone in the hardware repair business and ask them if it is a worse case scenario like the main board, what would the price be to get it fixed

    Like I said I'm not experienced in actually repairing them, but have a think about some of the above. Hopefully someone on here who does repairs may have an insight into what it could potentially be. If all else fails you could try gsquared's suggestion but I hear this doesn't work too often
    10-21-2013 10:59 AM
  4. he_shark's Avatar
    Thanks for all the suggestions dznk.

    Nope, nothing happens when I plug it in. I do have insurance so should be ok in the end - minus the excess - but would prefer to fix it myself and have it working sooner (and recover my files if possible).

    gsquared may have the best solution though, I just have to drop it the other way around to put everything back into place.
    10-21-2013 12:12 PM
  5. Ricardo Correia's Avatar
    Hi there

    That happened to me once. Just pess VOL DOWN + UNLOCK BUTTON and wait until it vibrates.
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    10-21-2013 08:17 PM
  6. he_shark's Avatar
    I put it onto the Wireless charger and pow it came back to life! Don't understand why the normal USB charger didn't wake it up. Now I've got the bloody replacement phone coming and don't need it.... but will take the replacement anyway, as well to have a new unscratched phone I guess. My faith in Nokia build quality is restored at least.

    And thanks Ricardo, that probably would have worked as well had I not stuck it on the charger.
    10-22-2013 06:16 AM
  7. dznk's Avatar
    Good to hear it's alive again!
    10-23-2013 04:13 PM
  8. Basel Teebi's Avatar
    Thanks that worked to get it to respond for me. Now it's on a loop of opening and showing it's a low battery then restarting and so on. It's plugged in
    08-04-2014 12:36 PM
  9. barnettpark's Avatar
    Omg...I don't know who you are but I could kiss you right now!!! Genius!
    10-30-2014 10:03 AM
  10. hprvez's Avatar
    That procedure is an electrical reset, like removing the battery. Maybe the logic board thought it was in some sort of hardware fault and blocked the boot procedure
    10-30-2014 08:29 PM
  11. Earboy336's Avatar
    IT WORKED!!! Like he said hold down the unlock and the volume down at the same time...make take a few seconds. My battery was pretty much dead when it turned back on.
    03-16-2015 09:59 AM
  12. Kaffeebohnson's Avatar
    Well I'll be... I dropped my phone a month ago on vacation. It was dead immediately. Pretty sad because there where tons of pictures from the trip on it.

    Back home now, I was just about to send it in for repairs, but looking around for advice one last time - and low and behold, Windows Central again comes to the rescue!

    Holding down Volume down + On Switch -> Phone turns on like nothing happened after over a month of presumed death!
    Amazing. (I guess I'll rename it from "Optimus" to "Phoenix" now.)

    I knew about different button combos when it happened, but this must have been the only one I didn't try. Thanks man!
    06-06-2015 12:50 PM

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