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    Unfortunately, I damaged the top microphone on my new Lumia 1020.

    Since I bought it in the US but live abroad, I cannot send it back for repair to Nokia in the US. The official Nokia tech support (which is not done by Nokia itself) does not seem very good and since the telephone has not been launched here, I'm not sure they have the spare parts to replace the microphone available so I'm trying to figure out specifically what they'll need to do (so that I can check their feedback and repair).

    I know the microphone is damaged, and that this is not a software issue because it was working correctly before and then broke while trying to clean it (I've tried resetting the phone and other potential software solutions I found on the web with no success).

    The phone does not currently work for phone calls nor recordings because of the failing microphone (probably due to its failing input breaking down the mechanism to cancel noise). The other microphone works correctly because for video I end up with stereo sound only in the right channel.

    Is the only repair option to replace the whole 'AV ASSEMBLY' part shown in the Nokia Lumia 1020 Service Manual available on the web? Or can just the microphone be replaced on the assembly? If that's the case, will a HAAC microphone replacement for Lumia 920, 925 or 928 work on this phone?

    NOTE: I've not found information on available parts on the web for this particular model (though I've seen similar parts available for Lumia 920, though that phone seems to have a different headphone/microphone configuration).

    It's possible that my assumptions and questions are not precise, so if you have more accurate information on what work will be needed to fix this issue, please make sure to correct me. In particular, I'm looking for specific part numbers that need to be ordered and replaced on the phone and instructions based on the service manual I already found.

    Thanks for your help,

    PS: I'd like to be able to get my question to someone at Nokia, but I've not been able to find a support email address to query about this issue, so if you have a way to contact them, please tell me (at least through a private message).
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    10-21-2013 11:12 PM
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    Use a headset to attend calls atleast till the phone is launched.
    Visit your country's Nokia website, click contact and fill up the email contact form, they should get back to you.

    I wouldn't repair it myself, might do more harm then good.
    10-22-2013 12:54 AM

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