1. Charlie Pelosi's Avatar
    and the screen shattered like a spiders web....

    So T-Mobile offers three phones as replacement, the 810 and 925 being two... (I forget the other)
    With a deductible of $150....
    I chose the 925. Looking at the specs they look to be evenly matched, the 8x and the 925.
    Is there any major differences between these phones I should be aware of besides a slight screen and case size?
    I was very fond of my 8X and disappointed to hear I couldn't get another.
    Looking at this forum section I'm seeing lots of people having problems with the phone (925)?

    This will be my 1st Nokia phone since I was on Cingular and had the little basic phone.
    Love Windows Phone 8 though.. can't see ever going back to Android. (I had before the 8X)
    10-23-2013 10:57 AM
  2. metalchick719's Avatar
    I'm actually shocked they offered you an 810 as a replacement. Didn't think they had anymore of those since they're not listed on T-Mobile's website anymore. You made a great choice with the 925. You should be very happy with it.
    10-23-2013 11:51 AM
  3. gapost's Avatar
    You made a great choice. 8X is nice, but 92x is better, except maybe for the sound (music).
    10-23-2013 12:42 PM
  4. khader_moham's Avatar
    I have the Lumia 925.
    And honestly it's the best phone I've ever had.
    No problems yet.......
    10-23-2013 12:45 PM
  5. shrenik03's Avatar
    Very true, 925 has it all to become the most powerful and popular device. Cheer up
    10-23-2013 12:57 PM
  6. Charlie Pelosi's Avatar
    You made a great choice. 8X is nice, but 92x is better, except maybe for the sound (music).
    Oh yeah... crap I didn't even think of that....
    I use my 8x at work all day to listen to music while I work (manufacturing, cnc machine setup and programming)
    I love the Beats Audio in the 8X. It even says Beats Audio enabled when I plug in the headphones.... but I didn't even think of that until your post.

    Oh well, I'm sure the audio from the Lumia will be fine.
    Last edited by Charlie Pelosi; 10-23-2013 at 01:57 PM.
    10-23-2013 12:57 PM
  7. AndyCalling's Avatar
    The sound on the 8X may be better for music (MAY, I've never heard it), but the 925 is absolutely ace for films. It has Dolby Headphone. What this means is that you can encode your films with Pro Logic II and it'll give you great surround on a standard wired headset. Want more? Ok, encode using 5.1 discrete audio tracks and Dolby Headphone will give you EVEN BETTER SURROUND! Trust me, it is really special. Beat that, Beats.
    10-23-2013 12:58 PM
  8. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Get the new Nokia Cam app that combines ProCam and SmartCam in one interface. Lots of great options for photography via Nokia apps. It's the best smartphone camera I've ever used. Check out some of the post shot edits available with Creative Studio as well...
    10-23-2013 01:05 PM
  9. pottyvick's Avatar
    I had the 8x on tmobile and the 925 blows it out of the water... Mostly cause of the camera and nokia software. And the 925 is LTE enabled, i don't believe the 8x i LTE enabled...
    10-23-2013 01:26 PM
  10. tofu.'s Avatar
    925 is an all around better device. i went from 8x to 925 myself
    10-23-2013 06:44 PM
  11. LinT's Avatar
    I dropped my 8X and shattered the screen too! I didn't have a warranty so I bought a 925 off craigslist ($250). Im very happy with the 925 so far. I didn't think id like the power button on the side but now I think its better. Although, now that I can use Glance, I hardly ever push the power button. I love having all the Nokia software now. HTC only had a cool clock tile (I miss that tile). The 925 is definitely wider (noticeably) than the 8X but over all still feels good. I'd consider the 925 an upgrade over my 8x (and I loved my 8x)
    10-24-2013 08:49 AM

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