1. cowboy6201's Avatar
    1002916_730092980338668_386087112_n.jpgI just picked up my new phone yesterday I love this phone.
    Can't wait to start taking picks with this phone.
    pmhgeneral likes this.
    10-24-2013 06:48 AM
  2. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    Love yellow, welcome aboard to WP central forum's I sure your going to love this phone and good luck.
    10-24-2013 06:52 AM
  3. Jason De Castro's Avatar
    I just picked one up too. I've been using the 925 for a few months since my 920 broke. In terms of build quality the 925 does not even compare to the 1020 or 920. The 920 was by far my favorite phone period and the 1020 has made me fall in love all over again :) i too have yellow. Enjoy mate!
    10-24-2013 07:16 AM
  4. HaibaneReki's Avatar
    Hi, welcome, be sure to post them all here :)
    10-24-2013 07:18 AM
  5. Ed Boland's Avatar
    Welcome to the yellow 1020 club!
    10-24-2013 07:20 AM
  6. cowboy6201's Avatar
    Yes I will I also have a red 920 I got last November and love that phone 2 but this 1020 is gonna be great I going to Nashville in 2 weeks to record a song gonna get some good pics while I'm down there from various places like Graceland, sun studios ect will post pics after I get back and gonna add my song on Xbox music.
    10-24-2013 07:23 AM
  7. cowboy6201's Avatar
    Welcome to the yellow 1020 club!
    ty I wish they made this phone in red like my red 920 my wife has a yellow 920 so I was think I was gonna get a white or black but decided on the yellow even though I thought we'd mix up our phones my tiles are red hers is yellow so that's fine. I
    'll post some pics once I figure out the camera and all it's settings.
    10-24-2013 04:30 PM
  8. anon(8171782)'s Avatar
    I also have the yellow 1020.
    When i got to the shop to pick one up,yellow was the only color available.lucky me :)
    10-24-2013 04:34 PM
  9. KnightOfAnfala's Avatar
    Got the yellow one too. We only get limited units here in Manila and the lady at the Nokia store reserved the last Yellow unit for me even though I haven't made up my mind at the time. Was torn between the White and the Yellow one TBH, but the matte on the yellow is just so sexy so it was no contest once I had a chance to see them both up close :D
    10-24-2013 04:51 PM

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