1. createdforsuccess's Avatar
    Does anyone know if this will work on T-Mobile's network if the 920 is unlocked? I looked at the frequency bands and I believe it will but I wasnt sure and I wanted to check with someone that may have already tried it.
    10-24-2013 04:09 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    it will work as long as its unlocked, but whether 4G LTE will work,can't say for sure
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    10-24-2013 04:15 PM
  3. metalchick719's Avatar
    It depends on which version of the 920 you have and whether your area has been refarmed. If you have a Rogers 920, it should be fine. The AT&T one might work well too, depending on your area.
    10-24-2013 05:21 PM
  4. createdforsuccess's Avatar
    K, thnx

    Sent from my RM-893_nam_tmous_201 using Tapatalk
    11-17-2013 10:45 PM
  5. anon(5339110)'s Avatar
    I'm running my unlocked ATT NL920 on T-Mobile for the last month. Works pretty good, I'm getting good speeds in the areas that I have good coverage. Problem is, for me, the coverage the T-Mobile coverage is not near as good as ATT. That said, I am paying $40/month less for a superior plan. Also, the international roaming aspects T-Mobile is offering are going to save me big money.

    Note, that I can't get the wifi tethering going--which is a very common complaint elsewhere on this board from other ATT 920 migrants. Not that big a deal for me, as I am going to upgrade to a Lumia phablet once T-Mobile gets one.
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    11-18-2013 07:04 PM

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