1. Dave Blake's Avatar
    I picked this up at the AT&T store this week. The Ballistic case. The first thing I noticed when I got my L925 was that it was hard to hold on to. Its so thin... That's in a good way, so I had to have something. At the AT&T store they only had a couple of choices in cases. This is what I wound up getting for $50.



    This is a 3 part case. It has the rubber inner part that really offers a great deal of protection with oversized corners. The second part is a hard plastic peace that raps around the phone to hold the rubber part in place. The plastic peace has a nice textured muddle that makes for a sure grip. It really make the device feel good in the hand. The third peace is the clip holster. This is a sure grip clip. Hold strong to whatever you are clipping it to, pocket belt whatever.



    All the buttons are covered. The top even has a flap to cover and protect the micro USB connecter and 3.5 mm jack. The flap has inserts that go into the USB and jack holes to hold it in place. The screen is unprotected and open to hits when out of the clip holster. The camera and flash are somewhat protected by the thickness of the case but are left uncovered.




    My conclusion, this is a nice case. I work construction this case will be on my device when I am at work. If you like to carry you device in your pocket this is not the case for you. This case makes the phone much bigger and adds some bulk. If you drop your phone from time to time this is the case for you. It will not protect the screen from a direct hit but you wont have to worry about those corners that's for sure.
    10-26-2013 09:25 AM
  2. DBDev's Avatar
    That looks like really good protection
    10-26-2013 04:42 PM
  3. Robert Crist's Avatar
    I've wanted an Otterbox-style case for my 925. I'll have to order two and order the charging cover and see if I can Franken-Pre (o.O wrong forum) a wireless ballistic charging case.
    Dave Blake likes this.
    10-27-2013 04:52 AM

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