1. AlexanderPD's Avatar
    Hi, i currently have a lumia 720 and i'm pretty happy with it.
    I'm considering to buy an used lumia 925 and selling my 720, it will cost about 80 to me.

    My BIG trouble is about the 16gb.. in my lumia 720 i now have 6gb of data in my phone and 16gb of data in my sd card (i have a 32gb sd card, i forgot about the photo space problem from a lot!)
    So if i had a 925 my space was already at a negative number :P

    I'm considering to backup on my pc video and delete old or ugly photos to save space.. but i'm not pretty happy with this choice. I like to see all my photos in empty moments, and skydrive is just too slow to see them "on the fly" from internet :(

    so i'm asking this: are 16gb enough for you? Do you have to delete stuff in order to continue using your phone?

    also, with my actual 720 i can do up to 2 days with one battery charge. I usually charge everyday but sometime i have to do 2 days or 1 days and half with it, can the 925 do the same?

    i also considered a lumia 1020 as a substitute but i can't spend all that money for a phone with that crappy CPU, with a snapdragon 600 i surely already have bought it! :)

    thank you!
    10-31-2013 09:47 AM
  2. luk3ja's Avatar
    It was enough for me until I went to a concert and wanted to take videos, 30mins of video took 6GB and I wanted to record more than that, I had to delete most of my apps whilst I was there :(
    10-31-2013 09:54 AM
  3. manu_dutt's Avatar
    I wish they decided to offer choice of 16 or 32 GB in each of the market/country. I've got 16GB Black one yesterday & apart from storage space, I really felt no concern at all.
    But, I've all my photos in SkyDrive which don't occupy space on my phone yet show up in my photos album of phone though I've not downloaded & installed skydrive app from marketplace which is neat to say the least.
    10-31-2013 11:54 AM
  4. booyasaka's Avatar
    I had this concern too before buying the 925, but I went with it anyways as I needed an upgrade from my 810. I also liked the idea of keeping my pictures and videos on my sd card. Knowing the 925 didnt have an sd card slot, I figured Skydrive would be the way to go and auto upload my pictures. Problem was, I already had about 5gb of used space on my skydrive so I purchased another 20gb. So now I can look at pictures on the go. The speed is not a huge deal to me.

    One issue I have with Skydrive though, is it's only a one way sync. I'm the type of person that takes multiple pictures of something, look at it later, pick the best picture then delete the bad ones. I wish Skydrive has the option to make it a two way sync where the Camera Roll on your phone syncs with the Camera Roll folder on Skydrive. Some people like it, some people don't. But I guess I'll put up with it and get used to it eventually.
    11-02-2013 05:20 PM
  5. interiorlulu's Avatar
    I like skydrive but have sync issues. I deleted a folder on skydrive a week ago but it still shows in photo hub on my 1020.
    11-02-2013 05:27 PM

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