1. robovik's Avatar
    I'm having a few troubles with Internet Explorer, and seeing as there doesn't seem to be a solid version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to use for WP8, I figured I'd ask you guys if you experience the same things as I do.

    So, today morning when I was sitting in the bathroom, browsing the web (everyone does this - right?) I noticed a few worrying things with Internet Explorer. I browsed NHL.com, and even though I have my settings set on showing me the mobile version of sites - I got to the desktop version of NHL.com. I had to manually enter "m.nhl.com" in order to get to the mobile version of the site.

    While on the mobile version of NHL.com, I noticed it wouldn't press any links. Instead, it would just highlight the text I was pointing at (which I know for certain is a link).

    So, my question: Are these problems related to the site or to the browser? I don't have any problem browsing it (desktop version or mobile version) on any android devices I've tested (Xperia Z1 and HTC Sensation XL).

    I don't browse a lot of other sites, so for me this is kind of a major setback if it doesn't work.

    Is there any list of known IE bugs on WP8?
    11-03-2013 08:03 AM
  2. Dietrich Cleijne's Avatar
    I have just tested it on my device and the links work fine.
    Maybe a reset of your WP might do the trick?
    11-03-2013 08:09 AM
  3. 6029KingStephen's Avatar
    I also found that I didn't get redirected to the mobile site. When I used my alternative browser User Agent Switcher, set to Android, it did redirect me. I think the problem lies at nhl.com not correctly processing the info that it's a Windows Phone browser, so maybe it's worth sending them an error report.

    I did find the links on the mobile site worked OK once I loaded that, though I also found that not everything that looks like a link is a link!
    11-03-2013 10:34 AM

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