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    Hello WPCentral community,

    I'm from the Netherlands and I've got a problem that started just a couple of days ago it is now nov 9th 2013, the vibration of my back, home and search buttons have become very, very soft barely noticeable even. The vibration for incoming calls, messages, and even a massage app. (I downloaded that to test the vibration) are working normally. At the moment Iíve only done a soft reset this however didnít help at all. I havenít done a hard reset yet because I first would like to have some certainty before doing it, because I donít want to lose any files. Also please note that Iíve installed the gdr2+amber a couple of months ago and I didnít have any problems after that. It really just started this week and I haven't dropped the Phone or used it as a hammer.

    What I do remember is the following, I donít know if itís related, a couple of days ago Iíve downloaded an minor configuration update which showed up at the ďwindows store live tileĒ. Usually I always check what it is but this time I just clicked it. I donít know what update it was but it had a ďgear iconĒ which usually stands for something in the configuration settings. I received this update within the week of nov 4th 2013 and nov 9th 2013, note that I live in the Netherlands. Iíve checked the Nokia forum and even other sites and other people are having similar problems, during this week. Which we are talking about here, however their problems are GDR2 related while mine isn't (atleast nothing wrong happend two months ago with the vibration).


    I was wondering if there was an update that softened the vibration of the buttons, or did the update cause a glitch in my phone? Is it even software related, maybe the vibration motor is broken, because I use the back button quite often instead of the home, but that doesnít explain why other vibration functions work normally?

    I hope other people are having the same problem and that we can find a way to solve this.
    11-09-2013 04:52 PM
  2. PB_H's Avatar
    I don't get this ISSUE/problem, why do I need to hear it vibrating when you hit the back or search or home button, I can feel it
    (it's the same slight vibration whether I have vibration ON or OFF in ringtones + sounds ) and I know what I just did so....?
    If you can't hear it when a text or call comes I get that, but why do you need to hear I when you are enabling a function?
    Yes it's also soft on my 810 and I welcomed it when -whenever it happened to change. It is soft, but not so soft I can't feel it if I have
    the battery saver on and those buttons aren't visible, I can still feel the slight vibration & that's all I need.

    Audio which has the gear icon and is a settings SYSTEM app had an update 21 October but Access Point (also with the icon) had
    one 5 November but that wouldn't effect sound the only other Nokia System update that would effect the way you feel or touch something is
    Display + touch and that was last updated 9 September.
    The only NOKIA update that has the gear icon in System (only Nokia Systems items have that icon) the week of November 4- 9 was Access Point
    and it has nothing to with sound or touch.
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    11-09-2013 05:28 PM
  3. hennyxu's Avatar
    So basicly what you are saying is that I should be happy with this? The point is if this can be solved then I would welcome a solution. But if this is the first sign of the motor breaking then I will contact nokia ASAP and I would like them to replace it. Plus aren't you interested why this is happening?
    11-09-2013 05:44 PM
  4. PB_H's Avatar
    You don't have to be happy but there is nothing to be solved, nothing is "broken" IMO
    Maybe MS thought it unnecessary, vibration mode eats up battery, that is a fact and Nokia/MS say so and considering
    all the complaints about battery draining "perhaps" MS/Nokia thought maybe vibration for every action isn't necessary
    -so they get rid of ones that aren't needed in order to make the phone's features work, unlike like vibration mode instead
    of just silent for calls which is a necessary function.
    If the motor was broken it wouldn't work at all -and all ( the complaints) of these vibration motors going all at once - I don't think so.
    Hope you get an answer that satisfies you, good luck
    11-09-2013 06:17 PM
  5. aftershockEWS's Avatar
    My wife use to have me call her every 5 minutes during the day. I never understood why. After the update she became unhappy and told me not to worry about calling her.

    Now I understand why.
    11-09-2013 06:45 PM
  6. PB_H's Avatar
    My wife use to have me call her every 5 minutes during the day. I never understood why. After the update she became unhappy and told me not to worry about calling her.

    Now I understand why.
    Ha ha
    it still works for phone calls and texts just not using the search, back or home button, sounds like she found
    the real deal perhaps a Nokia Lumia technician who does house calls...
    She "sounded" unhappy that's all...
    11-09-2013 07:01 PM

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