1. lullabee's Avatar
    I've had my HTC 8x for a few months now and all was well until the latest update. Now my phone appears to have some strange separation anxiety and randomly freezes/turns off after it's left alone for a while, e.g., overnight.

    Every so often since installing GDR3, my phone appears dead and needs to be coaxed for several minutes into rebooting/resetting. Even though the LED charging light may be on, it's a trick --- the light stays on even if I unplug the phone, and once rebooted, the phone shows that the battery is close to zero, even though it'd been at 90%+ when I left it. Once on, the phone has trouble connecting and maintaining connections to bluetooth & wifi, sometimes claiming that it's connected but when I try to use an app requiring those connections I'm told there is none.

    Now, none of these problems occur during the day when I have the phone in view and am fiddling with it regularly. Is this working as intended, some nefarious scheme to make me keep the phone close at hand at all hours? Unless I can rig up some way to poke the screen throughout the night, I'm afraid a hard reset, and perhaps a permanent farewell to this otherwise awesome little phone may be in order. Please help if you can!
    11-12-2013 10:30 AM
  2. montsa007's Avatar
    Hard reset once.
    11-12-2013 11:17 AM
  3. Deask Brofizz's Avatar
    My Phone has been experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity problem after updating to GDR3. I cannot connect my device into my Home network without switching off my home network's wifi and my 8x's wifi, this is really annoying and i am really lloking forward to get any help.
    11-18-2013 06:22 AM
  4. radmanvr's Avatar
    I just updated right now. So far so good. My wife's phone was also updated recently, so far so good also. Will update if any strange behavior occurs.
    11-22-2013 01:06 PM

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