07-28-2015 06:45 AM
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  1. Felix Bank's Avatar
    It will affect the picture quality.
    Not if it didn't cover the lens opening. I saw something silver on a reviewers 1520 and thought that maybe what it was.
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    09-28-2014 06:50 AM
  2. evilrobot's Avatar
    Has anyone used one of these?: Vintage genuine leather wallet case cover (inc screen protector) for Nokia Lumia 1520 - Brown

    I just ordered one but it will take 2-3 weeks to get to me.
    09-30-2014 10:00 AM
  3. tiimothydadams's Avatar
    Attached Thumbnails nokia-lumia-520-nokia-lumia-520-4_zpsvgutmd3f-500x500.jpg  
    07-28-2015 06:13 AM
  4. tiimothydadams's Avatar
    Where did you order it from I like it... How is it in terms of durability?
    07-28-2015 06:38 AM
  5. tiimothydadams's Avatar
    Not for a 1520 but however here's my newly ordered cover for my Nokia Lumia 920 I am in love with this Nokia Lumia 920 S-Line Wave Gel Case... Here's the pic :) I got 2 of them and I'm super excited these are so cool!

    done-black-500x500.jpg done-dsc_0004-500x500.jpg
    07-28-2015 06:45 AM
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