1. pwright2's Avatar
    So, I added a comment to another similar thread but it is getting no notice. Trying again.

    When I take photos, they all seem to look OK in camera roll. I have autoupload to SkyDrive on and many do not appear there. I go to Camera Roll and they are there. I long tap them and select to upload. I tap and select share to SkyDrive. After a bit I get 'Can't upload picture' 'We can't upload your picture right now.' And two buttons, 'detais' and 'close'. Tapping details brings up a thumbnail that says 'Couldn't upload. Tap to retry.' Tapping brings up an 'uploading' and a set of moving dots and then returns to the 'Couldn't upload'. (I am able to upload other photos.) When viewing the photo, there is an entry 'open in Nokia Smart Cam'. That gets a screen saying 'Can't Open This File'.. Attempting to share the photo from a long press on the Camera Roll results in shares with no attachment or no body. I have used Pocket File Manager to move the file onto my PC. There it is not recognized as a picture. JPG analyzers say it has no header and cannot be a jpg.

    Only way I have found to salvage these files is to do screen capture.

    Previously only a few of the pictures I have taken are this way. Recently it seems that mosr or all have been this way. I have several camera apps. The only one which does not seem to produce these corrupted pics is 'Voice Camera' by Pico.

    Would like a solution.

    11-27-2013 09:23 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Are you using WiFi or mobile network to upload these photos to SkyDrive?
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    11-27-2013 09:32 PM
  3. maxnicks's Avatar
    Are you using WiFi or mobile network to upload these photos to SkyDrive?
    GREAT question! KISS
    11-27-2013 10:18 PM
  4. pwright2's Avatar
    WiFi only.

    11-28-2013 06:36 AM
  5. pwright2's Avatar
    Well, apparently my theory that Voice Camera made good pictures is wrong. 10 out of 14 pics taken today with it are corrupted like the others. Exceedingly annoying. Does anyone have a shortcut for uploading screen captures? Too many taps in normal way.

    11-30-2013 07:21 PM
  6. Arturas Sapalas's Avatar
    I'm also having such problem with my Lumia 520.
    Can not open the images in the PC after I download them via bluetooth, WIFI or directly connect with USB cable.
    I can open and zoom all the photos in Nokia Lumia 520 just fine. All photes are opened after I click on them.
    Problem #1:
    some pictures can not be opened when opening the picture with "apps" like Creative Studio in Lumia 520. Error says "Unsupported file format".

    Problem #2 connecting phone with usb cable does not open some of the pictures in Windows 7. Windows viewer reports error "windows photo viewer can't open this picture because the file appears to be damaged, corrupted or is too large)"

    This related to this post I found:
    Lumia520 photos get corrupted when transfered or c... - Nokia Support Discussions
    12-11-2013 02:31 AM
  7. pwright2's Avatar
    I did perform a hard reset on my phone. It seems to have solved the corruption problem but, in truth, I haven't taken many pictures since I don't have much faith in it any more. I will probably use it some during the holidays and willl report any success or failures. I wish I could recover some of the previously taken photos.

    12-11-2013 03:19 PM
  8. Arturas Sapalas's Avatar
    I would like to get feedback from development team on this problem. I believe the corrupted pictures can be recovered.
    all the photos are accessible via camera roll i.e. can open and zoom. If it is missing some header why don't write a fix app?
    12-12-2013 01:23 AM
  9. impratick's Avatar
    Maybe your phone having prob!! I have L520 n am not having any issue in uploading!!
    12-12-2013 01:28 AM
  10. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    I'm going to take a stab here. You're storing your photos on SD card correct?

    It's highly likely that your SD card is corrupt. My wife's 820 had this issue and the only thing I could do is buy a new SD card. No amount of formatting or error correction fixed the issue. She lost a lot of pictures she took when we went to St. Petersburg. She hasn't had the issue since but she's very cautious still.

    If you want to avoid disappointment in the future I recommend getting a new SD card and get a good quality one. Keep in mind however, ever the best SD cards will eventually corrupt. SD cards are not bullet proof as some people tend to believe. I also find that microSD are the worst for these type of issues.
    12-12-2013 02:06 AM
  11. Arturas Sapalas's Avatar
    I have two SD cards, one that came with the phone and the second I bought. The problem persists on both cards.
    It does not make sence to blame the SD cards. How you can explain that I can open (view, zoom) all the images directly in the phone?
    12-12-2013 03:41 AM
  12. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    I have two SD cards, one that came with the phone and the second I bought. The problem persists on both cards.
    It does not make sence to blame the SD cards. How you can explain that I can open (view, zoom) all the images directly in the phone?
    Because it's not the image, it's a preview image. There's a proper terminology for it that I can't seem to remember. You'll find that the photos are completely corrupt and there's no recovery method for them because the header data has been completely erased. Trust me, I tried everything.

    So going back to what I said, yes it's the SD card. Doesn't matter that you have two or two hundred if they're corrupt, they're corrupt. I don't like SD cards at all.

    My wife has had zero issues since I replaced hers with a quality SD card. You can actually buy SD cards corrupt. I've read up on this, this is why I know.
    12-12-2013 05:26 AM
  13. Arturas Sapalas's Avatar
    From now I set settings to Store new pictures on my phone not on SD card. Let you know if the problem still persists.
    12-12-2013 05:34 AM
  14. nasokay's Avatar
    I have the same problem myself. I don't think we can blame it all on the SD card. What you get in Windows Explorer is a preview yes. But as you can view or zoom the image in Photos - this is done on the real image in its full resolution, there is no loss of quality when you zoom. Simply the Lumia 520 corrupts images in a way that it still understands them but no other application does and this is BUG that must be fixed and not waved aside as SD issue. It is like my son was making an awful number of spelling mistakes in a French dictation but still he translated the dictation very well. No one else could understand "his" French.
    03-17-2014 05:13 AM
  15. kwhitburn's Avatar
    Adding my comment to this, i have the same issue and have used two phones and three SD cards now. It is a brand new phone and is meant to be a Windows phone so this is very poor service.

    I downloaded the photos and they became unviewable.
    I put them back on the phone, from my PC it states there are 55 photos in the folder on my phone.
    On my Lumia 520, in the same folder, i can only view 25, the rest are not there.

    Now i will be reduced to using screen capture myself.

    My wife has a four year old Samsung Galaxy Ace that old, scratched and falling to pieces and yet it is better than this brand new Nokia Lumia 520.

    Can you replace a phone with this issue, get a refund?

    By the way, i am using a cable but get the same result if i take the card out and slot it into a PC slot.

    06-24-2014 01:05 PM
  16. kwhitburn's Avatar
    Arturas Sapalkas, Did the problem still exist after you decided to store the photos on your phone?

    Is there a place to report this to Nokia/ Microsoft.
    06-24-2014 01:08 PM

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