1. luigimadness341's Avatar
    i recently bought a Unlocked Version Nokia Lumia 928 to be activated with MetroPCS but when i took it to get it activated the sim card they put resulted in an error code, and they said metro didn't support unlocked version phones only the iphone. They also mentioned that by January they would have a new list phones they would be able to activate. What I'm wondering if i should get a another phone of the same kind but different company and waste money in shipping and all that hassle or should i wait to see if my phone will be in that new list coming in January?Help please!
    12-14-2013 03:52 PM
  2. pankaj981's Avatar
    Some in this forum has had partial success with using a 928 on MetroPCS...this does imply that voice, data, and SMS works, MMS does not. Insert a T-Mobile or ATT SIM and check if it works to make sure you don't have a faulty phone

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    12-14-2013 04:10 PM
  3. thinkdan's Avatar
    T-Mobile and AT&T SIMs work perfectly in the 928. I sell these phones.
    12-14-2013 04:14 PM
  4. hopmedic's Avatar
    There is no "unlocked version" of the 928. It is not locked. Period.

    Search the forum for 822 and 928 being used on other carriers like TMO and Straight Talk. There are several threads in the 928 and 822 subforums.
    12-14-2013 04:15 PM
  5. luigimadness341's Avatar
    thank you pankaj981 will do ill post again what happens
    12-14-2013 07:56 PM
  6. luigimadness341's Avatar
    hopmedic i tired two different metro stores so maybe it is my phone and try to use a different carrier
    12-14-2013 07:57 PM
  7. luigimadness341's Avatar
    well took the phone to the tmobile store and the sim card they put worked on the phone so that good news i dont have a faulty phone. What they did say was that the tmobile is in the process of buying metro and as soon as that is done i should be able to activate my 928 with metro.
    12-15-2013 08:59 PM
  8. hopmedic's Avatar
    Don't listen to someone who says that TMO is buying MetroPCS. It's a done deal, last spring.
    T-Mobile Buys MetroPCS, Adding 9 Million Customers In One Fell Swoop

    I don't believe there is anything keeping your phone from working other than finding the right settings. If you read through the 822 thread on Straight Talk you may find some help. Check this post specifically, and the post that I linked to in it. The thread is for using an 822 on Straight Talk. The process should be exactly the same, but you'll need MetroPCS's settings.

    Hope this helps get you going.
    12-16-2013 09:35 AM

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