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    Hi, as per the subject, my 920 is showing that it's charging when it isn't. Thus the glance screen is permanantly on, and it won't charge on a wireless charger unless I restart the phone. When I restart the phone the problem is fixed for a couple of hours and then reverts back to the same situation.

    I've restarted the phone and done a soft reset.

    Has this come up with anyone here before, and if so what was the solution?

    All firmware is up to date.

    Very annoying. I love the WP8 platform, but Nokia seems to have shocking quality control. I've already sent the phone in to nokia care twice for other issues.
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    12-29-2013 08:22 PM
  2. Yong Leng Ng's Avatar
    Had this problem with my 920 as well. Brought it back to Nokia Care and told them it's the phones problem because I tested the wireless charging pad with my another 920. It came back still doesn't work. Screwed the **** outta nokia care and got them fixed the next time I was there. Please check if its fixed when you get it back because an ***** might just look at it and say "oh it's charging" and say it's fixed. My firmware was the latest also. It is a motherboard problem I think
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    12-29-2013 09:16 PM
  3. dustyn_walton62's Avatar
    Yeah I am having the same problem I even hard reset my phone and it still Didn't fix the issue, I then tried putting it into a bag of rice incase it had water damage, because that's the most common answer I had seen in other forums, no change. I tried blowing it out with compressed air and everything else I could think of but it really pisses me off like I paid 500$ for this and now its not gonna work???
    01-22-2014 09:59 PM
  4. XcZachx20's Avatar
    I had an issue like this with my Samsung focus back a few years ago. It might be an issues with your charging port, if there is dust or in my case the middle metal piece touching the outside walls in the charger it will mess up and think its charging. This maybe way it isn't responding to you qi charger because the phone favors a wire over qi.
    01-23-2014 01:10 AM

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