1. Vicky Bhadola's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Ativ S which I recently updated to GDR3. I restored it to factory settings but now it just shows a black screen on the main window.
    I did the hard reset but still not effective. When I switch it on, I get the Windows Phone screen then the Samsung screen but after that it's just a black screen
    The buttons at the bottom lit up and I also get a vibrating feedback. Also, when I swipe down I can see the signal icon as well as the battery icon.
    I can also see the lock screen after pushing the power button but nothing once I unlock the screen
    Please help me out
    01-01-2014 07:39 PM
  2. Bernd Vantyghem's Avatar
    Had the same issue. I flashed my Phone back to GDR2 and did the update to the GDR3 Dev. Prev. (build 8.0.10521.155).
    Now everything is working smooth.
    01-02-2014 03:46 AM
  3. Pablo Dominguez Cuevas's Avatar
    i have the same issue, but i cant find gdr2 to download! where dou you find it? hotfile is closed!!

    01-02-2014 04:04 PM
  4. Loco5150's Avatar
    If you cant find the gdr2, I can upload it for you in the morning and pm the link. Im in bed already.
    01-02-2014 04:10 PM
  5. Pablo Dominguez Cuevas's Avatar
    YEs!! thank you very much!!
    01-02-2014 04:21 PM
  6. Loco5150's Avatar
    Sent you a PM.
    01-03-2014 03:51 AM
  7. Pablo Dominguez Cuevas's Avatar
    I've done the hard reset 10 times, has finally been successfully completed.
    01-03-2014 06:23 AM

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