1. jbscpa's Avatar
    I have used the Temporary File "delete" several times.

    I have "soft-booted" my phone several times.

    Nothing gets rid of the 16.81 GB of temporary files.

    I am running Lumia Black.
    01-02-2014 05:09 PM
  2. Morpheus Phreak's Avatar
    Do you use apps that download video or audio files of any kind? If so that's likely the cause.
    01-02-2014 05:11 PM
  3. jbscpa's Avatar
    Yes I do.

    I use Podcast Lounge to manage podcasts.

    But, I only have about 1 or 2 GB of podcasts (both audio and video) downloaded to the phone.

    I delete the downloaded podcasts very regularly.
    01-02-2014 05:14 PM

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