1. Dreboldt's Avatar
    Hi everybody,

    Does anyone know of a way to make the game Temple Run 2 save my progress? Each time i start the game, I have to start from scratch. Everything i've unlocked is locked again.

    01-03-2014 04:29 AM
  2. Bryan Sayas's Avatar
    Try redownloading it may be?
    01-03-2014 06:21 AM
  3. Dreboldt's Avatar
    I redownloaded it and restarted my phone. After that didn't work I contacted the gamedevelopers. Thay are already in contact with microsoft trying to resolve these issues. All we gotta do is to wait for an update.
    druffyw likes this.
    01-03-2014 12:44 PM
  4. Bryan Sayas's Avatar
    But there's also an annoying bug where the game asks for a review every run.
    01-03-2014 09:55 PM
  5. druffyw's Avatar
    Game looks awesome, but has more bugs than the ones mentioned here. On my Lumia 820, in addition to the bugs already mentioned, I upgraded the frequency of power ups once, and now when I play I get tons and tons of powerups, which is nice, but does not seem right ;-)
    01-09-2014 06:54 AM
  6. sierrajuan's Avatar
    The problem is resolved, changing the regional format settings. Settings - Language Region. Regional format. Change to United States, any language
    02-04-2014 02:55 PM

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