1. Verkunder's Avatar
    I'm conflicted.

    I got my 1020 after using a 520 when my 920 bit the dust. I wasn't exactly gung-ho about spending that upgrade/money on a camera I didn't think I'd spend a lot of time using. Missing out on wireless charging was also a bit of a sore point (AT&T). Of course, since getting it, I've taken what appears to be some good shots (Instagram#). People love asking if it's "that Windows Phone" from the commercials. I also have grown to truly appreciate that matte yellow finish.

    Here in the States, public school teachers often spend time in a classroom before they become licensed, and I begin tomorrow. Something tells me that I won't be taking many pictures in the coming semester, which equates to having a phone that has a major feature that will go mostly unused. I expect I'd still go on some trips/outings with friends where I'd be able to put it to use, but you get what I'm saying.

    I'm thinking I want a 1520. Having a big device means I'd have an easier time showing stuff to students. Since checking the device out at the store, I've grown a bit bored of having the two-column screen--I keep getting the feeling I don't have enough space. I don't speak on the phone all that often so I'm not worried about looking foolish, though I wouldn't care anyway. I could still have that yellow finish, too. As nice as all that is, I'd have to remember I'd be on AT&T, meaning I'd have half the storage and no wireless charging.

    Of course, all of this doesn't mean much because, as I've mentioned, I've used my upgrade a few months ago to get the 1020 and there's no clear way for me to buy a 1520. Selling it seems like a huge hassle (though I have the matching wireless charging shell and a wireless charger), but I guess that would be my only option outside of a trade--but who would want to? I'd hate to cheat the Microsoft Store and break my 1020 to try to replace it using the insurance, but I guess that's something else.

    I wrote all of this because it's been bugging me and nobody in my family is willing to put up with a silly complaint about a smartphone, so I thought I'd post here to at least get it off my chest. I'd appreciate advice if you have any, but at the very least--thank you for reading.
    01-05-2014 05:49 PM
  2. TheIsaacG's Avatar
    Thanks for the read, I think maybe you should hold off on getting a 1520, because maybe you will end up using your 1020 camera more than you think. Just my personal experience, but when I wanted to get rid of my iPad, I kept it a while longer and finally realized that I didn't actually use it as much as I thought and ended up selling it. Put that money toward something else I needed. I mean if you've been on the fence for a while id say go for it, otherwise give it some time amigo.
    01-05-2014 05:59 PM
  3. hudsonvalley's Avatar
    Keep 1020 and get a new 1520. Add a new line with cheapest voice and data plans. Get it off amazon, just few days back it was selling for 49$ with 2 year contract.
    01-05-2014 08:40 PM
  4. astroXP's Avatar
    I agree with the rest. If you what you need is "a big device ... easier [for] showing stuff to students", have you considered getting a Surface instead?
    01-06-2014 10:43 AM
  5. Blacklac's Avatar
    I'd have to imagine you'd use your camera more than you'd show students things off your phone...? What do you plan on showing students on your phone?? Although, the 1520 has an amazing camera as well. Could very well be the 2nd best camera on a smartphone.
    01-06-2014 01:52 PM
  6. Verkunder's Avatar
    Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

    I always do this whenever a new device comes out. I love "collecting them all," so to speak. I came into a tiny bit of cash and it really went to my head, like clockwork.

    I realized that what I'm really looking for is a small Windows 8 device. Having a ton of real estate would be super handy, but that's really all I'd be getting out of the thing. With a, 8" W8 tablet, I can look up Wikipedia articles, definitions to words, and really anything we're having questions about. Sure, I could do that on a 1520, but a true touch-friendly browser (in IE11) would be better for any potential classroom usage.

    Plus, I've got a Lumia 1020. I've had an absolute blast taking pics and have received enough praise that I'd like to continue. I think my reticence with using it as a camera lies in the fact that I don't have many opportunities to take pics of scenarios/sunsets/etc. I guess I just need to make opportunities.

    Thanks again for letting me get that out of my system. I need to start pinching pennies for a Venue 8 Pro!
    01-06-2014 05:06 PM

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