1. hopmedic's Avatar
    01-09-2014 04:42 PM
  2. index1366's Avatar
    Have them on my 920, awesome thing from Nokia ;)
    01-09-2014 04:56 PM
  3. horseybob's Avatar
    App folders is indeed appreciated! Making 4 app folders (settings, music, games, messaging) let me logically group 35 apps. Takes 2 taps to open any of them up. Good stuff
    01-15-2014 09:17 PM
  4. SomethingSomethingDarkSide's Avatar
    very odd that you can't add built in apps (e.g. calculator, settings, etc) to the folders
    01-15-2014 09:43 PM
  5. horseybob's Avatar
    You actually can have a settings folder with WiFi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, audio, etc. Not sure why calculator doesn't show up, though.
    01-15-2014 10:10 PM
  6. SomethingSomethingDarkSide's Avatar
    Only certain sub-settings, not the entire settings "app"
    01-15-2014 11:03 PM
  7. tallarob's Avatar
    Just checking my background tasks and noticed that App Folder has been added to the open tasks. Is there a reason App Folder needs to run in the background?
    01-16-2014 11:06 AM
  8. hopmedic's Avatar
    Go to settings | applications | background tasks, tap the app that you're wondering about, and it gives you a description.
    01-16-2014 01:53 PM
  9. Penny_1's Avatar
    GDR3 required for this?
    01-17-2014 01:17 AM
  10. SomethingSomethingDarkSide's Avatar
    no GDR2 works fine
    01-17-2014 02:27 PM
  11. frankelweeze's Avatar
    I love them! I saw this on a WPcentral video and downloaded immediately. No more scrolling long home screens.
    Must say that the Nokia apps really develop this platform. WP would be only half as good without Nokia. I think MS knows this.
    Nokia's additions spoil me so hard.
    01-17-2014 03:25 PM

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