1. jamesbond69's Avatar
    Hey guys, i noticed that the Lumia Black update is available for Rogers today. I have attempted to update my phone 3 times so far with no luck. Each time i get the same problem "The update was downloaded, but could'nt be opened (800b0100) . What happens is that everything goes smoothly, i check for updates and it immediately begins to download it...it finishes downloading fine then proceeds to Preparing to install..% and when Preparing to install reaches 100% it will stay there for about 5-10 minutes and after i will get a error message saying "The update was downloaded, but could'nt be opened (800b0100). I have tried turning off the phone and attempting it again with no luck, i also did a soft reset of the phone using the hardware keys, still getting the same error. I did some googling and i saw that some people were having this issue with their Lumia Amber updates for other carriers and after several complaints the carriers ended up pulling the update and re-released it and the problem was solved. So i am starting to think that this is a Rogers issue. Can someone with a Rogers Lumia 1020 confirm that they have successfully INSTALLED and not just received the update. I hope this can be resolved because Rogers is known to never care about software updates.
    01-09-2014 05:36 PM
  2. Bao Li's Avatar
    I did the update without problem earlier today. Rogers 1020 but on Fido... didn't bother to unlock
    01-09-2014 06:09 PM
  3. jamesbond69's Avatar
    SOLVED: Hey guys, i was able to finally solve the issue on my own. after searching the specific error code i found out that on windows 7 and other windows operating systems it is related to the firewall blocking data. I was attempting the update over Wi-Fi with my Carrier data switched to off. after reading that the error code is related to firewalls i thought hey what the hell ill try turning the data on maybe its blocking access to something....tried it and boom now everything is going smooth.

    updated: successfully installed the Lumia Black update. :)
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    01-09-2014 06:12 PM
  4. gr33c's Avatar
    Download Nokia Software Updater for Retail (Latest Version)

    Get this download...and spread the word...enjoy...;) this fixed all the @*#@#*%$&*%$#^&%$# !!! errors on wi fi update.
    02-03-2014 04:29 PM

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